The clock ticks for Hicks and nine points, a small price to pay?

I wish there was a home game today. It would be interesting to see the crowd’s reaction to this week’s events. However sadly, we have to wait. Indeed perhaps the next time we run out at Anfield against Blackburn (be still my beating heart, it’s all of a flutter at the prospect of a footballing feast) everything will be over?

It also appears we have to wait for Tom Hicks to go through his desperately sad, and hopefully futile, attempts to pull his ownership ashes out of the fire via the high courts. If I didn’t know any better I’d have some sympathy as, in this new age of austerity, it’s the old and particularly the weak who are probably going to suffer however forgive me if I don’t…. if you live by the sword etc etc etc……

Just looking at the whole of the Star Spangled Duo’s tenure dispassionately and even allowing or the credit crunch I guess it takes a spectacular level of incompetence to invest in one of the world’s biggest and most popular clubs, with all those markets to exploit, and to come out of it £144m down?

Perhaps I’m being overly emotional and gilding the lily in a Hollywoodesque script writer type of way, but this development does restore my faith in good eventually triumphing over bad. Whatever happens with NESV I can’t help thinking that there has been some kind of divine retribution at work. Football clubs up and down the land have be screwed and used as vehicles to line peoples pockets however and although we should have never been in this situation in the first place, and despite all the chaos, disappointment, frustration and incompetence the pay off looks like it’s been worth waiting for? It certainly appears to support the well used but slightly overly romantic maxim that no one is bigger than the club?

So what of the future? Clearly it would be folly to greet NESV like some liberators of an occupied, war torn country and then expect to go merrily on our way into a brave, bright new world. Even at this early stage there are two issues.

The first is part of the fall out from the takeover which could see Kop Holding go into administration and as result, mean the loss of nine points even though yesterday the league approved the takeover if it happens. Ho hum, what you’ve never had you’ll never miss! If it does happen I, with my optimistic hat on, would tentatively venture to suggest that it will be small price to pay for booting out the star Spangled Duo. At present such a deduction would put us at the foot of the Premiership which although sad would be a fitting epitaph for the Hicks’ and Gillett reign? What did you bring to the club Tom and George? And where was it when you “decided” to leave?

Should we end up on “minus three” then surely it would be time for the players to step up to the plate and show the same guile that others have shown in making sure that Hicks and Gillett hand over the keys and fold away their empty wallets? Many say that the behind scenes cr*p has no effect on happenings on the pitch. So if this is true, and there is a takeover, then surely there will be no excuses for what we’ve seen so far this season in terms of performances?

The second issue appears to concern the new stadium or “stadium lite” ie. tarting Anfield up. Even at this early stage renewed talks about redeveloping Anfield in preference to a new ground (in Stanley Park) appear to have got some groups back up. The Stanley Park stadium was not a sole operation. It was a part of an overall project to redevelop the area and bring in jobs. Clearly the prospect of not forefilling a key part of this project, in preference to staying a home and doing up your own back yard, will not go down well with certain parties such as Liverpool Council. As mentioned in the last piece I remain unconvinced that Anfield can be developed in the way it needs to be given its current location ie. shoehorned into a densely populated/residential area. I’m not even going to mention sharing a ground with Everton, yet!

All this is for the future and although there may be hard and controversial times ahead, on and off the pitch, but I think for now it is a time to breathe a sign of relief and contemplate. For me what has happened since 2007 doesn’t just concern the plight of a football club. It is a damming reflection of the selfish, greedy, mean spiritedness that humans can sometimes show to each other but equally it is an encouraging indication that right will eventually prevail over wrong. As Paul Hayward superbly put it in yesterday’s Guardian

“….the end is visible, liberation is close, because the £237m RBS loan, repayable a week today, has assumed a cleansing force. For once a debt has the power not to destroy but to save. This is not to say that annexation by the Red Sox is a panacea. All the while the motive is to use Premier League clubs as juice-squeezers there ought to be mistrust. At least this time there is a price on greed: that £144m loss, which is retribution”

Walk on…. and enjoy the October sun!

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2 Responses to The clock ticks for Hicks and nine points, a small price to pay?

  1. TG says:

    No chance of Liverpool losing 9pts, the RBS want to remain as Liverpool’s longterm bankers. They have approached NESV about financing a new stadium. They will not call in the loan as Hicks can’t pay his debts, there is no need to do so. The RBS is totally supportive of Liverpool and Liverpool will use RBS documents in court, anyone believing admin is on the cards is deluded!!!!!

  2. redfloyd says:

    TG I too would surprised if it happened. Hicks needs to win in court for it to be a possibilty and, in the face of it, this looks unlikely

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