Carra takes and talks the red line and Blackpool blathering

These days with Liverpool Football Club there seems to be a post match pattern emerging.

No wins in four now and besides the usual coverage in the press, that varies from us being doomed never ever to even get a sniff of past glories to the club just going a transitional phase, we get one of the players pleading for patience and suggesting that we need more time to get, well where? Further up the table would be a start!

After Sunderland last week it was Jose Reina appealing for patience and before that, after the Mancs games I think, it was Steven Gerrard basically urging us not to panic. Now, in the light of Thursday’s blunt and rather turgid performance in Utrecht, we have Jamie Carragher with another variation on this theme. No doubt Dirk Kuyt or Joe Cole is next in the queue! Said Carragher.

“This is a work in progress. We are steadily getting there and if we can get three points at the weekend, we’ll head into the two week break looking forward to the derby. I know everyone thinks that when you get a new manager, you start winning every week but in Gerard Houllier’s first season we finished seventh and in Rafa’s we finished fifth….. We are not all of a sudden going to be pulling up trees left, right and centre. As I said, it’s a work in progress and we have to work through it”

I have sympathy for the stance but I wish the club wouldn’t be so repetitive and predictable in the way it deals with these sort of situations. Many will say the answer to this is to put in a decent run of performances and then they would not need to respond in this way which of course is true. However, it’s getting to the point where I feel I’m being treated like some kind of young kid who is been given a lecture on being patient because he is moaning that he can’t have his Christmas presents in October!

Perhaps one of the main gripes refers to something Carragher mentioned – “work in progress”. I guess there would be fewer complaints if “progress” was evident however Torres’ rehabilitation is slow, Meireles is showing some good signs but is still taking time to settle and the jury is still very out of Janvonvic. Joe Cole appears to have gone backwards in the last three games and has been so anonymous at times to the point where you wonder if he is still suspended! As for HRH the more it goes on the more I sometimes idly wonder, erroneously, if he is just trying out random player combinations in the hope that something will click! Nonetheless you DO have to be patient but by crickey it’s hard!

This blog has repeatedly stated that it doesn’t expect too much this season for the very reasons stated by Carragher. Sadly there are those who don’t share this and want to see the team “pulling up trees” and now. Because we aren’t, they won’t tolerate some players and particular HRH. This makes my heart sink. We are not from the knee jerk reaction school of impatience that governs so many clubs when things don’t automatically work out. It sounds weak and I guess it would be a more interesting read if I were to throw in a few frustrated insults but HRH and the team should be given more time, and decent chunk of it.

And so to today’s game against Blackpool and many will say this is just the sort of encounter we want going into the international break. Three easy points? After all Blackpool were thrashed by Arsenal and Chelsea were they? If only this were right. Sadly these days Blackpool are just the sort of team that will come to Anfield and put one over us. Said their manager Ian Holloway

“I thought we were going to get the three points (against Blackburn), but that’s what we’ll keep on trying to do from here on in. We will be trying to win games. I will be going to Liverpool and attacking them because I think I got that wrong at Chelsea in the last away game”

So there you go we have been warned no lying back and trying to contain. No parking the bus. Perhaps in the past this would play into our hands allowing us to exploit space behind but one wonders if this is the case now. Clearly there is more to Blackpool as seen it their demolition of Wigan, on the first day of the season, and against Nottingham Forest in the play off second leg. They were also confident enough pick up three points at Newcastle. Lets hope the Blackpool we see today is the one that turned up to face Arsenal and Chelsea!

Team wise I guess HRH will make some changes from Thursday, the obvious one will be the return of Gerrard but I suspect there will be more. Prediction? A win is essential anything other than this will see more pressure heaped upon HRH and the squad. However, ever the optimist I take us prevail and, even though we are not playing, enter what could be one of the most important months in the clubs history.

It’s October now Tom and still counting the days!

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One Response to Carra takes and talks the red line and Blackpool blathering

  1. stee says:

    l hodge stays we are going down. im a die hard pool fan and i wanted roy to get the job but i think he cant moatavate the team.I hope he will and we kick on and get at least forth place. sorry about the speeling

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