Sunderland stuff and are you listening Tom and George?

It’s taken five games but at last we have it! Our first game of the 2010-11 season that kicks off at 3 o‘clock on a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps the season has really started?

May be it really should for us now? Having overcome a difficult set of opening games, the next two, at home to Sunderland (today) and Blackpool (a week later) should, with due respect, see us achieve six points however supporters of Northampton might disagree! It’s easy to get down after a result like Wednesdays but at least we get a quick opportunity to bounce back. Only a week ago we were full of how a weakened side overcame Steaua Bucharest and now this but next week it might well be something more positive else. Football is a roller coast…… no, stop it I hate the phrase! Said HRH

“It tests our mettle, our desire and strength. I am very confident the strength of this club, the strength of the playing staff and the people around me is more than enough for the club to come through this period”

Today’s game will also be significant for another reason. A series of protests against Statler and Waldorf is planned by The Spirit of Shankly Group. It is of course timely as 6th October approaches, counting the days Tom! There seems to be a suggestion that that instead of selling the club the debt might be refinanced but, unacceptable as it is, surely this is a short term solution – a sale must occur preferably without Hicks and Gillett profiting. My guess is that if RBS take over buyers will come out of the woodwork and try to get the club at a knock down price rate by dealing with the bank itself rather having to feather Hicks and Gillett’s nests. Of course it is sad that that fans should have to resort to the actions they are taking today but when you have such stubborn, greedy intransigence at the helm of this great club, holding it as hostage to their own greed what else can you do?

Even Rafa has taken up a brickbat and swung it in the direction of the Star Spangled Duo stating that he couldn’t talk to them about football.

“The last year at Liverpool I had directors who knew nothing about soccer and you couldn’t talk about soccer with them. My relationship with (Inter Milan) president Massimo Moratti is good, he is a man who knows his soccer”

This hardly a surprise as they have proved over the years that they know nothing about what is required to make a success of “The Liverpool Reds” “soccer” team.

So to today and it is of course a good chance to get things back on track after the Northampton f*ck up. Sunderland have had mixed bag of a start but good results against Manchester City and Arsenal suggest they shouldn’t be underestimated with or without inflatable holiday play items!

Clearly HRH will want to field the strongest possible side to stop the slide. This presents him with enough problems but earlier in the week I thought we had what seemed to be the first sign of internal dissent with Daniel Agger apparently mouthing off on Danish TV. This appears to have been nipped in the bud fairly quickly by the Dane himself trotting out the usual “I was misquoted” line. Fair enough but it does throw into focus something I believe that is a tad perplexing re HRH’s team selection namely the preference of Martin Skrtel over Agger.

Skrtel has performed well and, injury wise, seems more hardy than Agger but there is no doubt in my mind that the Dane is a better footballer, is more creative in terms of his distribution from defence and more potent on the few occasions he does venture forward. Perhaps Jamie Carragher, as senior back, has a say in who he plays alongside and or may be HRH prefers Skrtel’s more “conservative” approach as a counter balance Glen Johnson roving forward? However for me, with utmost respect to Skrtel, there should be position for Agger be it place of Skrtel or alongside him in the centre or at full back.

Prediction for today? We are at more or less full strength and even Dirk Kuyt could make and earlier than expected return from his shoulder injury. We are at home, it’s a 3 o’clock kick off, it’s Saturday. What can go wrong? Three valuable points with a 2-1 win and let the owners know what you think of them!

By the way this blog now has an index of match reports since it started in October 2006 so for machinations of previous games, against Sunderland since this date click here.

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One Response to Sunderland stuff and are you listening Tom and George?

  1. TG says:

    Prepare for a possible player strike to force out the yanks, Carra and Gerrard have been approached by certain groups to help the cause!!!!!!!!….watch this space!!!!!!

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