Cobblers fall out and Hicks thwarted one more time.

No post yesterday not because of embarrassment or anger about the Northampton result but simply because, to put it bluntly, I was out on the p*s!.

Getting in and discovering the score from Anfield invoked mixed feelings. There was a degree of apathy mixed with guilt – yes it’s only the League Cup and although normally every trophy is worth winning it seems clear that, given our circumstances we need to prioritise even though many have suggested this tournament would present us with our best chance of winning something.

There was surprise I thought that the side we fielded was more than capable of beating Northampton. We’ve fielded weakened sides in Europe this season and won against far superior opposition. Sadly any hopes that our strength in depth might have improved because of these results have received a set back.

The final emotion was disappointment that, with respect, we should have let a side from so far down the leagues beat us. This was ideal opportunity for some of the “none first team” players to get themselves noticed but, if the result is anything to go by, it wasn’t taken. Was it so difficult?

HRH, apologised to the fans and was blunt in his assessment. What else could he be?

“These are players brought to the club, some of them very expensive with big reputations – maybe I don’t know them well enough yet, certainly they haven’t done themselves too many favours in my eyes. When you’ve got a squad with players who have come here for big money, this was a chance for them to show they’re great players. Unfortunately, and full credit to Northampton, we weren’t good enough to beat them”

There no point in picking out names but, even though a few players were making their first team debuts ,three other in last nights side played in the recent World Cup. One was a squad player and good half dozen have Champions League experience. Not the sort of CVs that should see us falling short against Northampton? However, that is the stark reality of the situation and well done to Ian Sampson and his team.

No doubt the nature of the result will heap more disproportionate pressure on HRH and the team and increase the amount of vultures who ghoulishly hover over us expecting the inevitable. Although it doesn’t help what else can be done. Everyone has to stick with it, live with it and make the most of what we have. Everyone knows we can do better and I’m confident that we can and will come out the other side.

The result will also intensify the focus on the behind scenes turmoil. Tom Hicks’ latest attempt to squirm out of his encounter with The Royal Bank of Scotland via talking to Blackstone over a refinancing deal has come to nothing. Even if Hicks did get his way one wonders if the board would ever approve any deal that involves him. Surely, unlike Hicks, they understand that this would not be countenanced by the fans and that Hicks’ along with Gillett, through their past deeds, have proved themselves to be unworthy and unreliable owners?

It looks like any sort of takeover has been ruled for now until after the club faces it’s D day on 6th October when RBS are due to call in the Americans debts. Perhaps perspective buyers are now waiting for this to happen in the hope of getting the club “on the cheap”? Maybe RBS will give Martin Broughton and his team more time to secure a buyer but any future deal looks like it won’t involve Hicks or Gillett.

So that leaves Tom Hicks with a problem and I hope he doesn’t, pressured by the thought of perhaps losing his stake, resort to even more desperate measures to protect his interests that are against those of the club. Hopefully the board will have the power and good sense to vote such nonsense down?

In the meantime Mr Hicks, there are twelve days to go to 6th October… the clock is ticking!

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3 Responses to Cobblers fall out and Hicks thwarted one more time.

  1. Gano says:

    We are a doomed club and it’s one crisis to another crisis, we never see any momentum as the players expect a disaster at anytime. From the board to the pitch we are a mess, the club does not deserve the fans it has and many of them are boycotting this farce now. We are in danger of terminal decline and ‘the yanks’ don’t give a shit!!!!!!!. Who believes a thing any of the board say??????

    • rob says:

      How can Roy, the players, the club turn things around when they are constantly reading and hearing complaints and gloom and doom. Negativity spreads like a disease. This is the time we need to help and support our club, not kick them while they are down. Yes the ownership needs resolving – RBS will sort that out. Yes the team needs to improve – Roy and the lads will sort that out.

      Why did Northampton win? Becuase nobody expected them to win – all the pressure was on Liverpool to win. Northampton had nothing to lose and everything to go for. Eccleston, facing the Kop, had far more pressure on him to score than any of the Northampton lads.

      Why can’t we just enjoy watching and supporting our team instead of pressuring them by expecting them to win everything.

  2. Gano says:

    Rob!, you actually believe the RBS have the balls to do the right thing and ‘miss out’ on all those interest payments?. Wake up mate!, this is a massive PR stunt, the RBS will extend the period without doubt and then we are bollocksed. Anyone who thinks the board are fighting our corner must be crazy, as they will protect their own jobs. This will go on and on as long as the fans allow it to and put money into the club, boycotts are the only way to get them out!!!!!

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