Sunday fall out, Fergie’s post match piffle and now Northampton

The fall out from Sunday was predictable. We are a club in crisis and even though we got the game back to 2-2, have blown our chances of wining the league.

Early days yet and we’ve had a tough start – Arsenal, Man City and The Mancs not to mention Birmingham who have an excellent home record. Anyway I don’t know about you but I never ever thought the league was a realistic option this year. It’s a bit like me entering Sunday’s Great North Run and then after one mile saying that I’ve no chance of capturing Haile Gebrselassie!

The papers were full of theories as to where the club is going wrong. Some were more pragmatic saying that it’s a new manager and new team. Others went into more detail the most popular being that we should have been more positive, tried to support Torres more. To a certain extent I agree with these points but it’s difficult when the home side is coming at you from all sides, I guess the natural instinct is to contain? After we got back to 2-2 we seemed to think “well what do we do now” Was there a chance for us to make the most of The Mancs temporary disarray and go for the jugular? I wonder what would have happened if we’d thrown everything at them instead of seeming to sit back and waiting for something to happen?

Whatever the strengths or weaknesses or our performance I don’t think it merited the sort of comments from Fergie made after game.

“It was a game we absolutely dominated and I was saying to myself it could have been 10, It could have been a cricket score, so when it looked like ending 2-2, it would have been a travesty”

And on O’Shea’s challenge on Torres which lead to the second goal from the resulting free kick

“I’ve watched it again and I have to say Torres made a meal of it. He made an absolute meal of it to get our player sent off”

In life there are certain people who achieve so much that they feel they can away with anything. No modesty or humility they are in some way immortal. They are so full of what they achieved and the resulting respect that comes with it that they feel they can contradict the bleeding obvious. They can tell us that black is white, the earth is flat and that they are always right, because of who they are, even though it plainly obvious to everyone else that they are wrong.

The other issue is that as a person gets older sometimes they feel they can use their age as an excuse for being rude, bad mannered or simply a bit batty and get away with it. Because of their age we are supposed to smile benignly, laugh and tolerate it as they are old and therefore automatically command respect regardless of the lack of respect they show to others?

Which of these scenarios applies to Fergie? Upon this post match evidence, both!

Re the first quote yes it was a cricket score. Three is a cricket score, if you’re Kevin Pietersen these days? Match stats are one thing but it would have only been 10 or a cricket score had our defence been completely useless or his forwards good enough to make the most of their chances. It wasn’t the case with either.

Re the second quote. To effectively accuse Torres of cheating is, in this case, somewhat bizarre not to mention hypocritical. If Fergie wants to go around accusing opposition players of cheating then he should be careful and clean out his own backyard first. No, I’m not referring to his increasingly ineffective main man’s inability to keep his trousers on but the antics of players such a Nani who went down after a challenge by Daniel Agger which suggested there was sniper in the stands. There is “making a meal of it” and setting up a banquet?

HRH is a slightly younger that Fergie but his response was more mature and more dignified.

“Sir Alex is entitled to his opinion but I prefer to talk about things that interest me. I’m not a fan of game-saying”

Would it be too much to hope that Fergie takes note and stops this juvenile nonsense? Everyone can see through it and it is getting to the point that bravado is turning to unsporting mean spiritedness. Soon it will go further just become plain sad and reactions will turn to distain and then pity?

And so to tonight’s Carling Cup tie with Northampton and no doubt we will see some changes from Sunday? Even though he’s only been in the job a short while it seems that HRH is more willing to give youngsters more of a chance than Rafa did? This appears to be paying dividends this season as seen in the more assured performances of Ngog together with others such as Spearing, Kelly and Pacheco? What price on all four playing tonight? It will also be interesting to see if Daniel Agger makes an appearance given his alleged criticism of new regime on Danish TV

Northampton will probably come to Anfield feeling they have nothing to lose but even though I suspect this tournament is behind Europe and the League in HRH’s priorities, we will be expected to win? Prediction? I guess it depends on the strength of the side we field but I’ll go for 2-0.

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2 Responses to Sunday fall out, Fergie’s post match piffle and now Northampton

  1. Tgan says:

    Boycott games and merchandise, don’t go to games running upto 6th October, stay away!!!!!

  2. Simon says:

    Good article. BTW Agger says he was mis-quoted. It’s a media created story out of nothing. Not covered much but “Player mis-quoted” it’s not as fun a story as “Player bad mouths new boss”.,22162,8698_6392024,00.html

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