Kuyt’s kyboshed, Torres’ still standing plus Wayne waffle.

This weekend’s exclusive revelation regarding Wayne Rooney underlines the destructive power of the media.

Whilst not in any way attempting to justify Rooney’s behaviour rumours of a number of gagging orders involving footballers (one supposedly involving one our own players) have been circulating this summer. The orders were designed to keep any damaging stories suppressed until after the World Cup. Presumably we now know why Rooney was so out of sorts in South Africa this summer? Was it just his injury?

Despite this the press still sought to ride the wave patriotism and support the England team in the tournament, until it went wrong of course. All the time they probably knew that one of the reasons behind Rooney’s lack of form was what they had on him? They then enhance such hypocrisy by publishing the story in-between two Euro qualifying ties just to make sure that the story really has mileage, regardless of the disruption to the England team.

Of course this will also serve to undermine another target they like to torment, Fabio Capello who perhaps having not decided to resign after the World Cup, may be having second thoughts? Germany proved difficult opponents in Bloemfontein they are no match for the deviousness of The Red Tops? Next time you think of ordering your Sun Saint George England shirt or your Daily Star John Terry thong, or your Daily Mail Three Lions “they don’t like it up ‘em” bayonet, I suggest you forget it!

As for our Wayne well, what can you say? Despite all the above it boils down to the fact that he allegedly cheated on his pregnant wife. No doubt, if he plays, he will be afforded a delightful reception at Goodison Park this Saturday lunchtime! The first of many deserved “welcomes” I suspect. However, it should be private and as always the press don’t seem to care that there are innocent victims of such stories who, long after the income has been banked and the papers are lining someone’s cat tray, are left to pick up the pieces.

Back to international talk and as England prepare to face Switzerland one hopes that we’ll see more of Steven Gerrard in the middle of the pitch as we did in the previous game against Bulgaria? However, a more assured performance from Glen Johnson, particularly in defence, wouldn’t go amiss? Elsewhere and every time Fernando Torres pulls on the Spanish shirt it seems to be followed by a spell on the treatment table the latest being the World Cup final this summer. However, Spain’s 4-0 win over Liechtenstein saw Torres score two confidence boosting goals to add to his winner against West Brom the other weekend. Above all I guess it was another game and another step along the road to recovery. At the time Torres said

“I feel better with each passing day following the injury and the goals tonight give me a lot of confidence”

Spain now travel to Argentina which I’m sure HRH and, truth be told, Torres could do without. However, a long journey to play a meaningless game is still seen by the Spanish camp as a better option to leaving Torres in Liverpool to recover and build up his strength for future, more important, games with club and country.

Despite this, no international week would be complete without some kind of mishap befalling on one of players and this time it is Dirk Kuyt’s turn with a shoulder injury after falling awkwardly in training. It seems that Dirk, who scored in Holland’s 5-0 win over San Marino, will by out for a least a few weeks. Said Dutch boss Bert van Marwijk

“He will probably have a few weeks off and at 4pm today he will step on to the plane to Liverpool”

Gee thanks Bert, that’s great, we know exactly when he’ll be coming home but not exactly when he’ll be ready to play again! Again it’s a busy week so he will be a loss. We have Birmingham this Sunday, Steaua Bucharest, and then next Sunday the small matter of the Mancs at their place.

Poor Wayne that’s two games in front of Merseyside fans in one week!

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