Transfer round up, Babel’s chance and Torres misses something (for once!)

“I’m going nowhere. LFC all the way. YNWA! (You’ll Never Walk Alone).”

Ryan Babel (Twitter)

So the transfer window has closed and despite the odd rumour or two there was nothing to come out of the days proceedings to really make Reds sit and exclaim ”I wasn’t expecting that”. Yes HRH’s attempts to sign Messi and Villa did not come off!

Paul Konchesky’s signing was finally tidied up after a long period of being linked to the player. Presumably this means that he will drafted immediately into the left back position that Daniel Agger has filled so ably this season? If this is the case, and the Dane is now available for centre back duty, then who will be on the bench out of him and Skrtel? Still at least we now know Agger, like Jamie Carragher, can switch to the left if things get desperate which gives us added flexibility?

Elsewhere El Zhar and Insua perhaps have seen the writing on the wall re their Liverpool careers through being loaned out to PAOK and Galatasay respectively. However, perhaps the biggest question to arise from Tuesday was over who we didn’t sign?

I’m referring to our failure to secure an additional striker. Our pursuit of PSV Eindhoven’s Ola Toivonen and Bayern’s Mario Gómez were a fruitless ones and other rumours such as AC Milan’s Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who we were linked with earlier in the summer, also came to nothing even though Robinho joined them from Manchester City which I thought might have facilitated his departure?.

Swapping Ryan Babel, plus Lucas if some stories are to be believed, for Carlton Cole, who we have also been linked with, was another story doing the rounds on Tuesday but these appears to be mere rumour or was it? Avram Grant commented

“I think Liverpool were interested (in Cole) at the last moment, they tried to do something. I don’t think it was an offer. (Babel) was one of the suggestions to do or not to do.”

There is no smoke without fire and Harry Redknapp also commented on Babel suggesting that we were prepared to sell given the right deal?

“We were interested in Ryan Babel. He has got pace, he is lighting quick and he was a player we made an enquiry for, but we never got that close.”

To my mind we’ve had a lucky escape. I still feel Babel, for all his disappointments over the years, has more going for him than the West Ham striker. Every time I get ready to say “ship Babel out” and give up on him he comes along and does something that makes me think all is not lost and that we can still get the best out him. Surely Babel, now that we haven’t signed another striker, will see he has a chance up front which is where HRH has played him so far? Presumably Torres, with Joe Cole operating just behind, will be first choice but given the injury records of these two then surely Babel will get his chance along with Ngog or even Pacheco?

No doubt many will say that we need someone who is tried and tested and although this is preferable in the short term I guess we must realise that in terms of getting players in we are, for now, shopping at Tesco’s rather than Waitrose! So, I’m not too averse to giving players we already have a chance to establish themselves in the team. I guess with funds limited at present this is the way forward and it is probably all the more rewarding if one of them breaks through and becomes a real class act? Here’s to it!

Finally Fernando Torres has been expressing the need for new owners

“It’s fundamental new owners arrive who can make us a competitive side.. We’re not that far behind. We had an appalling season last time around, but the year before we were just four points from Manchester United…….This year, our target has to be the top four. Like every team-mate, we all want to improve and win titles and, for that, it’s fundamental we get new owners.”

Thanks Fernando, that’s food for thought!

The mischievous side of me is tempted to ask where has he been for the last few years but I get the point. Just one thing to add, that shouldn’t be taken as a criticism of Torres or a defence of our wonderful owners, but in order to win silverware players also need to perform consistently and be competitive themselves, individually and collectively. Sorry, but it has to be said. Was the difference between the performances on the pitch last season and the season before solely down to Hicks and Gillett’s incompetence?

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6 Responses to Transfer round up, Babel’s chance and Torres misses something (for once!)

  1. vinnie says:

    yes, i used to hate the spanish waiter but come to think of it, it’s all because his hands were tied by the debt. To be fair, he’s a great coach, but not a good manager (people skills), no one’s perfect. for many years, I have thought that our squad lacks depth and for so many seasons, we’ve been relying on gerrard to lift the team, and both him and torres since the arrival of the spaniard.

    the over reliance of our two star players backfired last season. there’s a long chain of reaction but this wouldn’t have happened or would have been limited if we have quality squad players who can step in the shoes and share the burden. how many games we had to gamble on torres and gerrard even though they were not 100% fit?

    before anyone blames rafa’s incompetency for not adding depth to the squad (i used to blame him), how many times does he have to sell to buy? this wouldn’t have happened if we have the cash for gareth barry, this in turn wouldn’t have force alonso’s departure, and signing a 20M flop, thrusting lucas into CM/DM position which experience counts a lot. it’s a vicious cycle that the root can be traced back to the owner

    i doubt rafa would win us the title but given enough resources, i strongly belief we wouldn’t ever fall out of top four

  2. Gebreyesus Tenagashaw Bayeh says:

    This summer there are immence of players on market, but we won only the Porttugues among high profile players. Huntleer will ressurect and Liverpool loose him and even the twente striker.
    Agger is good central Defender but for left back I even choose Orilio (the Brazilian if hre his fit). Now Chonchesky came and that is good. but he is not fast enough for biggest Club like Liverpool, albeit his cross is good for Torres and Ngog.

  3. redfloyd says:


    Great summary. I can’t disagree with any of that however, the squad wasn’t hit so badly that we should have fallen five places in one season. Players always say the off the field stuff doesn’t get to them and all they want to do is play football but perhaps it finally did last season which is why we playing on Thursday nights instead of Wednesday?

  4. G-wills. says:

    I cannot disagree with either of this stories but my concern is this season. Its not now about falling among the top four but aiming for the highest and winning tittles.
    I believe in Torres and Gerrard and plus Ngog who is now catching up the pase of Torres-thats good, but others too have to do more than what they can to work together as one winning team.

  5. vinnie says:

    sorry redfloyd, i don’t quite get the playing on wednesday/thursday night thingy.

    it is a chain of events that made us fell out of top four but i just thought that the start of the chain can be traced back to the owners. off-field dramas do affect players on-field; what players say are controlled by the club as a lot of issues/incidents are much more sensitive/confidential that what anyone outside the club first thought.

    • redfloyd says:

      Vinnie I’m not disagreeing with you say and as the years roll by one would have expected a decline as failure of the owners took more of a grip. However, the decline from runners up in 2008-09 to seventh in 2009-10 was accelerated by the fact that players underperformed in spite of the off the field sh**.

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