Mascherano about face, now Dirk’s deciding and Man City musings.

Saturday’s papers and post seemed to imply that Javier Mascherano was going nowhere then Sundays were full of stories of a renewed Barcelona bid! I guess this will be the way of things until the transfer window closes?

As clubs seem unable or unwilling to meet our asking price, one wonders if we would be tempted to accept a player in part exchange? Alexander Hleb has been suggested and perhaps this now takes on more credibility as Alberto Aquilani’s loan to Juve was confirmed yesterday? Interestingly have you noticed that it’s Juve who are prepared to take a punt on Aquilani and not Rafa’s Inter despite their managers confident signing of him twelve months ago?

Interestingly Dirk Kuyt has also recently been the subject of renewed rumour. It was only two months or so ago that Kuyt said he had committed to us however, it now appears that there is enough reason to suggest that perhaps this might not be the case? The club in question is surprise, surprise Inter Milan and leaving our Dirk feeling very wanted and quite chuffed.

“You can call this a luxury situation for me now”

What does this mean? I think Kuyt will want to stay but I wonder if HRH shares this? Kuyt’s stock is fairly high, some would say disproportionally so, due to the World Cup and with the Dutchman having just passed thirty may be HRH might be tempted to cash in while the interest is hot? I’d be very sorry to see him go. Kuyt is not our best player by any means but his commitment is 100% which on occasions more than makes up for these deficiencies. It also endears him to many who might otherwise be happy to see him go? Although I’m firmly in this camp if we can get a good price and Dirk is happy to go for another “luxury” then fine.

So to Manchester City and again the papers are full of stories contrasting the fortunes of the two clubs. Expect the Sky commentator to mention this oh at least half a dozen times! I say contrasting the fortunes but really it should contrasting the bank balances? As usual much has been made of the cash City have to splash and guess it will only take on another course once they win something. As Chelsea (initially) and Blackburn have found out you need more than money to achieve this. It helps of course, enabling you to achieve a more luxurious, comfortable sense of underachievement until someone, such as Mourinho and Kenny, comes along and finally displays the nous, man management and organisational skills to convert the cash into silver?

Recent acquisitions such as the overrated James Milner suggest to me that we will have a few more years to wait before we see Manchester City lift the main prize. Moreover if the comments of Stephen Ireland and the loveable Craig Bellamy are anything to go by then things aren’t totally right at Eastlands. Although both players are habitual blatherers, and never ones to opt for the “keep it dark” attitude, one still wonders if we can take the opportunity to exploit this today?

Team wise it looks as if we will be without Daniel Agger once more but Mascherano could return suggesting HRH will need to make a choice between Poulsen and Lucas? One wonders if Torres will start having looked lively in the Europa League this week? Joe Cole begins his ban.

Prediction? Until writing this I haven’t even thought about the outcome as I’ve been preoccupied with trying to find a pub to watch the game. The village local doesn’t even have a TV! So it’s a three mile trek to the next one! Surely my trek will be rewarded with a reds’ win? I’m going for 2-0 and the start of speculation about Mancini’s future!

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3 Responses to Mascherano about face, now Dirk’s deciding and Man City musings.

  1. John says:

    Why so many question marks??????? You know most of the answers as well as anyone else.

    P.S. A very foolish decision by Hodgson to loan out Aquilani: I feel sure it will come back to haunt him.

    • redfloyd says:

      Sorry??????????????? Most are rhetorical!

      Agree 100% re Aquilani. He should at least be given a season with us while he is fit especially as we put a lot of effort into getting him right and showed so much patience when he was out.

  2. John says:

    Well, if RB had still been here, this result would probably have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Hodgson is a decent man, but in the end he’s just not good enough for Liverpool–nor is he a product of the boot room or “the Liverpool way” (so there isn’t any “natural” empathy there). The decision to let Aquilani go (one of the potentially best players) was quite bewildering.

    Why oh why didn’t they accept Dalglish’s offer? He would have the whole team snarling with a siege mentality by now. Even if Kenny had lost to City 3-0 I would still have felt there was hope for the future: that he still had magic to work. About RH I feel nothing.

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