Mascherano no go and Chinese takeover Huang in the balance?

Great, I’ve managed to get an internet connection in the holiday place I’m staying, so on we go, the cr*p still flows.

The Javier Mascherano saga appears to have taken an unexpected turn with HRH claiming that he will stay with us as no one has put in an offer that matches our valuation. It’s a difficult situation. Mascherano wants to leave but we won’t let him until we get the right price. Mascherano has repeatedly said that he’s only going because his family is unsettled and has nothing against the club or its fans. As a father I can totally identify with that and actually feel sorry that Masch’s not got what he wanted even though we will be losing a great player. I wonder if we are doing the right thing by keeping him here regardless of the fee(s) offered? Will he be distracted or professional and pragmatic about the whole episode? I hope it gets sorted to every ones satisfaction.

Elsewhere, and I was slightly surprised by yesterday’s news that HRH intends to off load Alberto Aquilani to Juventus on a years loan. I guess this season was to have been “make or break” (although one hesitates to use the word “break” given Aquilani’s injury record) for the Italian. Now he is fit he probably could have expected more opportunity to prove himself in a red shirt than his nine starts did last year? However, he’s not even been given the chance to do that. HRH has said that we intend to bring him back but surely it would better for all concerned if Aquilani were to acclimatise here? On the other hand if HRH doesn’t see him as part of his plans then so be it. Why should he, he was Rafa’s signing?

On to the takeover. The news that Kenny Huang has pulled out of the race to buy Liverpool could be viewed a number of ways

I suspect we will never know the truth behind this latest development, it could be just another move in the takeover game? Although Huang has been very quick to court the media over the credibility and sincerity of his intentions for the club, clearly only the Liverpool board will know the details of his take over bid and should not let the PR nonsense distract them?

Some will see this as a blow to the takeover process that one of the leading contenders has supposedly bowed out. Others will see this as a lucky escape for the club and a sign that the board and Martin Broughton are doing the job they are supposed to do and by not being rushed/railroaded into making a hasty decision.

I’m possibly doing Huang a disservice here, I don’t know the facts but one of the reasons for him pulling out was impatience that the board were taking so long to reach a decision over this bid. Huang wanted things in place before the transfer window deadline so he provide money to buy players. All very commendable and certainly something that that would appeal to Liverpool fans however, I would rather the board be one hundred per cent sure that they have the right deal for the club. If this means missing out in the short term, i.e. the transfer window, while they take more time to be certain then so be it. We don’t want to make the same mistake that let Statler and Waldorf in?

Huang’s behaviour also raises questions. Besides the fact that they are rumours that he is simply a front man for another disclosed bidder, why should he be so impatient if he is in for the long haul? Why was Huang trying the rush the deal through? What was the hurry? Surely Huang, like all businessmen, should know that these things take time and, bearing in mind what happened with Hicks and Gillett, should understand our desire to make sure that things are done properly?

Looking back over it now I feel that perhaps I’ve been taken in by Huang’s pitch and use of the media. Quotes such as this appealed to me.

“Our goals do not include enriching the current owners”

This is one of the reasons why I’m against the Syrian bid as it will reward Hicks and Gillett. However, with hindsight, one wonders if Huang has used the media to force his bid through on a wave of popularity by trying to say all the right things that appeal to the fans? If he has then we are just going over the old ground that the Star Spangled Duo ineffectually trod? Whatever the case thankfully this appears to have had no truck with Broughton and co who seem to have seen through all the bluster concentrated on figures, facts and, above all, evidence?

That’s it I’ll need to check out the only pub near the place I’m staying to see if it has Sky. Otherwise its three mile walk to the next village for tomorrow’s game!

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6 Responses to Mascherano no go and Chinese takeover Huang in the balance?

  1. John K says:

    I read that he wanted a period of exclusivity – which doesn’t seem unreasonable. Not giving that option to DIC is how we ended up with Hillet and Gicks.

  2. TG says:

    Does anybody really think Huang has took his ball home and burst it??????, this is purely a business tactic, all be it a risky tactic. Im sure he will be lobbied to return to the table as he has spent a lot of money thus far on the bid, this is normal with Chinese negotiators, they play hard ball!!!!!!!

  3. sha says:

    If Huang has the backing of the Chinese govt. Then Liverpool would miss out on an opportunity of becoming the most cash rich club in England. Liverpool needs Huang…but yes,only if he has what he says he does.

  4. sha says:

    As for getting rid of Aqua,it smacks of having no future vision for our midfield. The only creative player we had is now gone,with the other rising star contemplating leaving in Daniel Pacheco. Aqua has showed,in glimpses,what he can full fitness,who knows…as for Mascha,he is Liverpool’s rock…but we have never kept a player who was unhappy,so let him go if he wants to,we are a far better club than that.

  5. Tgan says:

    I seem to remember Broughton saying the best over-all bid would win and not the most value for H+G’s shares, well Kenny Huang satisfied the RBS and BarCap he has the funds in place, as well as building the stadium and making us debt free with money for the manager. So what is the problem then?, the problem is Broughton the stooge.

    He Said a 3-2 majority vote would suffice when voting on a prefered bidder, he also said H+G would not be allowed to veto a fair vote and the RBS insisted as much. If this is so, why is Kenny Huang not on the verge of taking over the club?, the reason is Broughton is not telling the truth and he is looking after H+G as we suspected all along.

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