Huntelaar again, Bridge to span left back gap and Degen a go go?

Since Roy Hodgson became manager of Liverpool I’ve been in a bit of a dilemma.

What do I call him when I’m writing this nonsense? Even though it’s his name “Roy Hodgson” along with plain “Hodgson” is too formal, too cold. Although I referred to “Rafa” as “Rafa”, “Roy” seems too personal, too presumptuous for a man of his long standing in the game and “Woy”, in reference his alleged habit not quite pronouncing his letter r’s right, is too cruel. I’ve thought about “Hodge” but that rhymes with “bodge” – which is going down the “pi*s poor pun” path that Gary Lineker and the red tops (back page headline) always tread!

What’s needed is something that combines respect with informality, something in keeping with the demeanor the new boss has shown so far. This reminds me of an avuncular, school teacher who is not trendy or with it, he’s too old for that, but nonetheless very popular with everyone because he knows his stuff, is honest and seems to treat the pupils (or in our case players and fans) like adults. So I’m going for “Mr H” or “H” – OK, please yourselves but my mind is made up!

Anyway, Joe Cole is officially a red. However, according to Harry Redknapp he wanted to go to Spurs.

“I spoke to him a month ago and I thought he was coming here. He wanted to come to Spurs. He’d made his mind up – I had no doubt. But a month went by and Liverpool moved in”

I don’t know what Redknapp, is inferring with this? Liverpool offered more money? I think Spurs has a wage sealing and of course money is never far from Harry’s heart if reports are to be believed? I’ll interpret it as Joe Cole taking up his right to weigh up all the options (which might include money – wouldn’t you do it?) and then deciding that Liverpool were a better club to join. End of story, better luck next time Spurs!

Back at base Mr H (you’ll get used to it) continues to make progress. Phillipp Degen has been told he can leave. What can you say about Degen’s contribution to the team? Very little I’m afraid as he made only eight starts and five sub appearances. Even when he did appear he hardly covered himself with glory looking off the pace, too much up the pitch or off his man! Let’s be charitable and say that, because of injury, he never really got going. Nonetheless this should not detract from the fact that, in my opinion anyway, he should get going!

Meanwhile the search for a left back continues. Some of the rumours are tenuous. For example The Guardian suggested we might be interested in Wayne Bridge as Manchester City are after Lazio’s Kolarov. I can’t honestly say that the signing of Bridge would have me turning cartwheels of delight. Not consistent enough to hold down a place at Chelsea, not consistent enough to play regularly for England and why is he leaving Manchester City? Do we really want a pair of Chelsea cast offs as our full backs who seem to spend all their time bombing up the pitch leaving the centre backs short? However, perhaps this is now the way of things, cutting our cloth to suit our circumstances something we have to get used to for a while? As H said yesterday

“We don’t have the unlimited funds that teams like Manchester City and even Tottenham to some extent these days seem to have. On the other hand some money is being made available and we are doing everything to use that money as sensibly and as intelligently as we can”

I’m more encouraged by our link with AC Milan’s Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. This is not the first time we’ve been linked with the Dutchman and this time it’s been suggested by Italian papers that he will come to us with Ryan Babel going the other way. Huntelaar hasn’t really set the world on fire at Milan however, his goal scoring record before that is impressive. It is also pretty good with Holland (roughly a goal every two games) and he did feature in the World Cup scoring their winner against Cameroon. Huntelaar, is likely to cost so I suspect we will have sell, to add to the money we have available. However, at least we are thinking in terms of the main priority, a left back and striker, and more encouragingly Mr H seems to acting very quickly to show those who have underperformed, or in some cases not performed at all, the door?

Finally what is the difference between Radio Five Live’s Alan Green and a vuvuzela?

One emits a loud, irritating, droning sound that ruins your enjoyment of the football and the other is a plastic trumpet!

It appears we have gone the way of a number of premiership clubs and banned the notorious vuvuzela. Personally I didn’t really have an issue with them during the World Cup however, I wasn’t sitting next someone blowing one of the wretched things! Assuming they are irritating I would still hope that Liverpool wouldn’t need to impose a ban. Any self respecting Reds fan, mindful of the effect a mass “blow out” could have on the unique Anfield atmosphere, would probably resort to “self policing” and grab the horn, insert it into a place on the owner that would mean, once it’s removed, no one would be too enamored about putting it to their lips!

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5 Responses to Huntelaar again, Bridge to span left back gap and Degen a go go?

  1. geoff says:

    call him “Hodgy” it’s catchy!

  2. Gano says:

    Play Kids in Europe and have a go at the title, all in i reckon!!!!!!!

  3. victorvosseun says:

    Call him ”ROYCO”……

  4. Fabian Miller says:

    call him Mr. Hudge

  5. flyboysydat says:

    call him rooibos

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