Gerrard commits and Wilson to sign as Roy’s overhaul starts to gather pace?

The reaction to the signing of Joe Cole yesterday seemed to be very positive. None more so than from Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Said Carragher

“It’s great news and it is a message that Liverpool mean business….Joe is someone I have known for a long time from playing with England. He is a great lad to have around the squad, he mixes well and is lively character – he’s also an outstanding footballer”

Steven Gerrard added

“It is a great signing for us. I know Joe well through the England set-up and have seen first hand just how good a player he is. He has proved his ability over many years in the Premier League – sometimes against us – so it will be fantastic to play alongside him in a red shirt for Liverpool”

Note the similarity of the quotes. So as both Gerrard and Carragher know Cole it comes as no surprise that they played a part in persuading him to sign. Commented Roy Hodgson

“Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard did a good job in selling the club to Joe at the recent World Cup’’

If reports are true I guess there wasn’t much else to do and of course it has the added bonus of probably pi**ing John Terry off! However it is significant that both Gerrard and Carragher feel they can play with Cole. This should cut out a lot of the ”getting to know you on and off the field” stuff that players have to go through before they reach an understanding?

Despite all this perhaps the most significant quote was the one from Gerrard who said he was looking forward to playing alongside Joe Cole. One of the papers yesterday suggested that just because we have signed Cole it doesn’t mean the likes of Gerrard or Torres will stay. Well it’s wrong on one of those accounts as yesterday Gerrard, put pay to rumours about him leaving by committing his future to us, for a little longer at least. I guess we should praise Roy Hodgson again for playing his part in persuading Gerrard to stay. It would have been easy at his age for Gerrard to move on and have one last adventure and one last crack at the big time however, it’s gratifying that he has decided to stay with us and he has said he was impressed with the manager’s plans for the future. Hopefully now that Gerrard has finally said he’s “in” others will follow?

Meanwhile the signing continues and inevitably his time Roy Hodgson has turned his attention to the defence by signing Rangers’ young centre back Danny Wilson. Under Rafa I guess Wilson (who is 18 years old) would be considered “one for the future” and made to play most of his footy in the reserves with the odd first team appearence perhaps in the Carling Cup or a pre season friendly? However, under Hodgson you never know and the fact that Wilson played a significant amount of games with Rangers last season, some of which were in the Champions League, might suggest that he could be bought into the side sooner than many might think? The outfit for which I work has a Glasgow office and, for what it’s worth, many of the Rangers fans there feel we are getting a great prospect.

Presumably Wilson’s signing might also pave the way for someone such as Kyrgiakos to leave? Whatever the case, and despite links with strikers such as Remy, I suspect Hodgson will still need keep the focus on the defence. Wilson is a centre back and we desperately need a left back. Although Carragher can fill in we simply cannot rely on him alone. At worst cover is needed and at best a recognised player so that Jamie can move back to the centre? Sampdoria’s Reto Ziegler seems to be “the person most likely to” if reports are true?

Meanwhile today we face Grasshoppers in a pre season friendly. Hopefully this won’t’ go the way Saturday’s game and we’ll finally get to see some action. I don’t think for one minute the likes of Joe Cole or perhaps even Steven Gerrard will feature heavily nonetheless it is always be interesting to see how those who we don’t always see every week get on?

Finally Joe Cole flew to Switzerland to join his tem mates. Hopefully his fight wasn’t as “eventful” as one Steven Gerrard recently experienced and his understanding of things that can happen when you fly are little better than his captains! Reported Popbitch

“Someone who sat behind Steven Gerrard on an Easyjet flight told us this anecdote. Halfway through the flight the plane encountered some major turbulence and dropped a few hundred metres quite suddenly. Gerrard’s entourage looked at him anxiously for his reaction, which was:

“Next time we fly British Airways!”

Enjoy tonight’s game.

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2 Responses to Gerrard commits and Wilson to sign as Roy’s overhaul starts to gather pace?

  1. Gano says:

    I see Joe Cole is now rubbish because he is a red?, Danny Wilson is a cracking young player. Nice one Roy lad, I like your style and dignity.

  2. redfloyd says:

    Yes. A “Chelsea reserve” according to the radio today!

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