Riera “about face” fools no one and still waiting for Fernando!

Roy Hodgson’s decision to give Albert Riera another chance to prove himself with Liverpool will stick in the throat for many red’s fans.

Those with elephant memories will remember the wingers childish, unprofessional temper tantrum a few months back when he moaned that he had been let down by Rafa because, although he had been playing averagely, he wouldn’t pick him for the team. In a deep, misguided case of “me, me me” he also accused the board of not supporting him over this issue as if they, with Riera being one the clubs “crown jewels”, should drop more pressing concerns such as trying to sort out the future of the club and simultaneously spring to his defense by wagging their collective fingers at Rafa! Riera then made to my mind the most decisive and unforgivable comment which was to describe Liverpool as a “sinking ship” Said poor Albert…

“I want to leave. English clubs are run differently that Spanish clubs. In England you have a manager at the club, and the board of the club has done nothing for me. The club has not put up any fight for me. I do not want to quarrel with somebody, but if a club doesn’t fight for you, that means that they don’t want you.”

Rafa reacted swiftly and correctly by fining Riera and then trying to ship him off to Spartak Moscow. This fell through leaving Riera to twiddle his thumbs and wait for the transfer window to open. There seemed no way back for him until Rafa left, after plenty of time to reflect, then he took his chance.

“This was a difficult year for me and for Liverpool, sincerely, if I can, I would like to remain at Liverpool because this club is a top one.”

Lets just rewind in May we were a “sinking ship” but now we are a “top” club. What’s changed? May be it’s been the distraction of the World Cup and perhaps, unbeknown to everyone except Albert, we’ve signed Messi, Villa and Ozil! Or could it be because Rafa’s gone and no one has come in for Riera so he thinks he’ll back track. Only a fool would believe his turnaround is because of some footballing revelation on the road to Damascus concerning Liverpool. It is purely personal and motivated by selfish reasons and not by regret for his actions. Riera is extremely lucky that Roy Hodgson is prepared to give him a second chance.

“Whenever a new manager comes in, players who have been on the periphery start to see it and maybe think ‘this may be my chance, I’ll have a go’. You’d be foolish as a manager not to give them that chance.”

Fair enough and my head says that this is the right and sensible thing to. Hodgson has no issue with Riera, it was Rafa who was object of the Spaniard’s frustration. However in view of his comments about the club, my heart says otherwise and I cannot believe I am the only one who feels this way? Riera will have to begin the new season with a bang to up his stock. His foolishness means he has a lot of work to do and a lot of hearts, and minds, to win over?

Meanwhile back in South Africa whilst the likes of Messi and Kaka have packed their bags our Dirk still remains. If ever there was a game of two halves it was the Brazil v Holland game? I thought Mascherano played really well for Argentina however his team is a flimsy, fragile unit and German efficiency was bound to find the weakness and exploit them, which they did with a ruthlessness the English experienced in the previous round. Torres’ World Cup is still smoldering but still showing no signs of bursting into flame, another substitution against Paraguay and another tired performance. Will he start on Wednesday?

Before that Dirk lines up Holland against Uruguay. For South America the quarter finals were a disaster for three of the four teams going out. Only Forlan and co remain but I wouldn’t bet on them being there for much longer? The second tie is more intriguing. Germany roll on and entertainingly so. Spain have stuttered and of course Villa’s eye for goal remains key? A repeat of the 1974 final or, refreshingly, a final that guarantees that the cup will lifted by a new country and, who knows, may be we’ll see Fernando wake up in the most timely fashion?

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18 Responses to Riera “about face” fools no one and still waiting for Fernando!

  1. Emile says:

    Idiot … lfc did look like a sinking ship to me and to many. You are a fool if you can sit there and think that we are not. Riera was right about the club and about Rafa. Rafa was a fool and lfc was right to let him go. Hodgson proved how he can get the best out of players…Rafa on the other hand has no idea. He does know how to ignore players who stand up against him though. If that is not childish tantrums then I don’t know. Idiot author…

    • Anonymous says:

      Fantastic Emile . I wonder why we still have this kind of blind authors around. maybe they think that fans are brainless fools or he maybe a strong supporter of Rafalution.

      • redfloyd says:

        Fine. You support Riera’s stance do you! And I’m the brainless fool!

        At least I’m not happy to see self interested players take the p*ss out my club as and when it suits them.

        This is nothing to do with support for Rafa or Roy.

  2. meerol says:

    its just your opinion…everybody has right to their own opinion…me, and million others sometimes agreed with Riera from the way Rafa treated his players…
    when players perform best, he put the player on the bench the next game, when player like lucas or kuyt perform like shit, he still gonna play them in the next game..totally unacceptable…
    He has treated players like riera, crouch, pennant,keane and so on like they have no feelings….im so happy to see rafa leaves…

  3. Gano says:

    For punching a kid like Pacheco he should be gone already, get him out now!!!!

  4. ReRa says:

    At first i thought it would be much badder for Liverpool because they sack Rafa but now i can see that everyone is happy in Liverpool that Rafa gone..im happy to…i dont know why but i have faith in Roy Hodgson..players loves him and the fans start loves him..now the only thing is missing to us like a LFC fans and to our club is NEW OWNERS! no one cant imagine what im gonna do when im gonna read the morning news that ”MOTHERFUCKERS G&T have sell the club to some bilionares like Manchester city owners…”


  5. Tom Hodgson says:

    Emile & Meerol, you’re so very correct!
    Some so-called fans like the columnist of this thread who just open their mouths or write rubbish don’t seem to still amaze me up till this moment.
    When you wrote, Riera made an “unforgivable” statement calling Liverpool a “sinking ship”, don’t you think he was right?? YES, he was bloody right!
    Under the cursed owners and Rafa, Liverpool was sinking every single day, on and off the pitch! Now you all open your big mouths pointing fingers at Riera..shame on you all and that good-for-nothing Paul Tomkins, who said Roy Hodgson isn’t the right man for Liverpool.
    Why not follow Rafa for Inter and stick with him there?? I thought these were the same pathetic fans that said, “get behind the manager.” So why is it so hard to get behind a more experienced and motivational manager like Roy Hodgson??
    The first new development was to see that Rafa gone! The second being Hodgson as a new manager and the last is seeing those old american fools sell up our club and leave for good!!!
    So before you write columns next time, you think deep and then write like someone with common sense and don’t be biased!
    IR(Roy, not Rafa..)WT!!!

  6. Gano says:

    I for one have said from day one that Roy Hodgson is absolutely perfect for Liverpool, he will be a huge success even without new players. Who believes we would have finished 7th with Roy in charge, he will unify everyone at the club and give players their heads to play with a smile for a change.

  7. Faur says:

    I believe that you´re all wrong. Rafa whom we sacked was picked up by the club just winning the trieble. We take on Hogdson who wont be able to buy any new players of any quality. He has´nt international class! We´ll now enter a decade of nothingness and midtable seasons. I´m sorry to say but Hogdson was not the answear, and I believe we´ll see it when our stars begin to leave and no stars comming in!

  8. redfloyd says:

    Emile et all

    I know you probably have far better things to do with your time but if did read some of this” idiot author” other pieces you would see that I am under no illusion about the problems facing this club. You will also see than I have no issue with Roy Hodgson and have taken a realistic approach to his appointment and called for everyone to support him.

    However, to suggest that we are a “sinking ship” is a little extreme moreover with players coming out and disloyally stating they believe this to be so has never been the Liverpool way and they should not be surprised or shocked at the resulting consequences.

    My main point was not this, but Riera’s attitude. Do you want a squad of players who come out moan and groan, be it at the club or Rafa’s selection policy, in public when the slightest thing goes wrong then fine. I don’t especially when they hypocritically then back track on their words when it suits them. Is this the sort of person we want playing for Liverpool? Quiet what you feel this approach achieves is beyond me, it’s bad enough having this club dragged through the gutter by the media without having the players themselves jumping on the bandwagon and then having fans like you supporting them. How can we hope to move forward if the players themselves aren’t focused and have the right attitude?

  9. Tom Hodgson says:

    And we sure would see what will start to happen to the treble winning club that picked Rafa, from next season!

  10. Emile says:

    In that regard I will agree with you. We don’t need players behaving in this way. The problem here is that Rafa has done the same actually and so has the entire hierarchy at lfc. So I’ll nullify that argument otherwise everyone should go. Me personally, I believe in King Kenny and if he is the one to make Hodgson his first choice then I believe it’s the right choice. One thing is for sure, Rafa has alienated himself from the players and that’s one of the main reasons players feel dissatisfaction. They will feel the need to question his strategies, fight if not heard and leave if not satisfied. From the managers available Hodgson cannot be any worse. At the end of the season we’ll all know the truth.

    • redfloyd says:


      What? Slagged the club, which is what Riera has done? He’s bitten the hand that feeds it walked away and decided to go back to it! As I said though it’s a clean sheet so I don’t blame Hodgson for giving him a second chance, Riera’s issue was with Rafa but he expanded it by a: by going public and b: slagging the club, which is very wrong. Now he wants to “make friends again” because it suits him. Hodgson is entitled to take him back as the past isn’t his concern butI don’t thikn we should give players who act like that another chance.

      Althuogh everyone seems to think it, I’ve nothing against Hodgson and, as you rightly say, we’ll soon know how good he’s been for the club. He’s a decent man but it will be hard for him given the circumstances we find ourselves in. I don’t know if Rafa has alienated theplayers but, love him or lothe him, I think a change was always on the cards this summer. To me Kenny is still the man at Anfield but in a way I’m glad he didn’t take the managers post I’d hate it to go wrong while he was in charge.

  11. Gano says:

    Come on reds the media are ready to stick the knife into their friend Roy Hodgson, are we going to help them too?. These are serious times and he needs us with him more than ever in his long career, what’s it gonna be??????

  12. aNTI tRUST says:

    @ Faur… You are a moron. No International class. The man speaks six languages, has been the manager of numerous international sides. What the fuck has rafa done. What you Rafalution fans neglect to see is that Rafa does not understand the english game. He tried, very unsuccessfully, to implement his European ideologies into to English game. Now, this works, in moderation, but you need a manager who has a adaptable mindset, and has the knowledge to change his tactics constantly, something he was to arrogant to do. He will succeed in Inter, because the italain game is so much slower than the English game, which is true about the spanish league as well. His tactics just don’k here, sonething that we have, if you had your eyes open, seen foe the past 6 years. Yes we came second 2 years ago, but any other manager would have seen us croos the line, not defend mediocre mid table teams at home!!! We should have number 19. But we don’t. And that was because he didn’t have faith in the players to produce the goods. He tried to defend his lead in the table. Stupid. With Roy we have someone aho get the best out of our players, understands the premier league, and will no doubt get results that we are looking ofr. And all you rafa fans will dwindle away, never to be heard from again. Either that or you will be cancelling your subscription to Rafa monthly.. You will all eat your words…

  13. aNTI tRUST says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to say dont work here…

  14. Emile says:

    aNTI tRUST you hit it right on the head with that one. Rafa might be a good coach but not in england. He struggled to get with the grips of the play and let his players down by his tactics. It was apparent for all to see with his selection policy as well as substitutions. The worse things for fans to see is when the manager makes a change and the players knowing that the decision is a bad one. Rafa is not ready for the english game yet. I remember Mourinho stating a few years back that he could win the premier with the players that Rafa has.

  15. Emile says:

    Saying things as they are is not slagging the club. Saying the club is going backwards only refers to those running the club. Now he sees hope because Rafa is gone, so do many of us who saw through the mediocrity. Don’t take it so personal. He has a right to be felt done in by the hierarchy and to voice his opinion, yes, even if it means to go public. After all, we are the public. We want to know what is going on at our club, not only the good things. I prefer transparency because then you get to know what is really going on. Remember this, if things were actually tight lipped then know one would know about that dirty thieves (Hicks and Gillet) and how they are ruining our club. The players are all human with human emotions, shame on Rafa to forget that and to treat them like things to discard whenever it pleases him. Shame on anyone to forgets that. Sometimes the ones who love you the most are the same ones that criticize you the worst.

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