Can Roy really halt the player exodus?

With the World Cup approaching it’s last death throws and the summer transfer window about to open (thank God, it’s been a hot summer) inevitably thoughts turn to the forthcoming season and who will be sitting, kneeling, or standing on a bench at the back, for the 2010-11 squad photo shoot.

We now know that Roy Hodgson will be in the middle front row however, who will be around him? Can he convince key players to stay? I guess that is his first priority as familiarises himself with his new surroundings?

I have to say some of the stuff that’s been said about Hodgson already is premature nonsense. Talk about trying and convicting a bloke before he’s had a decent crack of the whip! Apparently Hodgson is at best, a transitional manager for transitional club or at worst, a symbol of the club’s lack of ambition, a puppet manager, a figurehead or cheerleader for Hicks and Gillett as they seek to sell of the footballing equivalent of the family silver before running off back to the good old US of A with the money. All this despite assurances from Chairman Martin Broughton

“I know there are rumours out there about the club needed to sell players. If I can just go on record again and say they are not for sale, we don’t need the money. We don’t have any desire or need to sell players in order to pay down the debt.”

At first hand I can see this, we have enough commercial irons in the fire that can be called on if needed. The Royal Bank of Scotland, who could call in the debt, have repeatedly said they will patient and anyway even if we sell key players, such as Gerrard and Torres the debt will not be fully cleared and our ability to clear it further will be diminished as the team, and all the resulting commercial and other financial knock on effects, will eventually be diminished?

I guess much of the suspicion is based on what the Americas have done and the foolhardy actions of those who agreed to let them take the club over? It’s easy to wise after the event but there is no escaping the fact that both parties have let the club and fans badly, This is a sort of second chance to get moving again and naturally no one wants to see it blown? I think it very tough on Hodgson that some of this suspicion and worry is heaped on him. Will Gerrard leave Liverpool simply because of Hodgson, no I don’t think so. He will leave because he feels its right for his career. Gerrard is 30 and if he doesn’t move this summer to, as has been rumoured, someone like Real Madrid then surely he never will and he may be filled with thoughts of what might have been? You can’t blame Hodgson for that.

You can’t blame Hodgson for say Gerrard and Torres leaving because of disquiet about the way the club is heading. We may get the end of the rainbow but it will take time particularly because I suspect the Star Spangled Duo are being intransigent, not to mention stubbornly unrealistic about the price the are asking for the club. And anyway who say’s there will a pot against it. Again Martin Broughton has tried to cover that particular base

“The best bidder may not be the highest bidder. It’s about more than just money. It’s about stadium development, the team and the whole piece. Once we’ve been through the process, the best bidder gets it.”

It sounds good but it takes time and time is something players don’t always have. Can you blame Hodgson for the mess the club is in of course not that most be laid fairly and squarely at the desks of Hicks and Gillett. So if players leave then it’s hardly rocket science to say if your going to apportion blame you need to look beyond someone what just be appointed forty eight hours ago.

All Hodgson can do is to convince… well…. sorry to be lazy by regurgitating a quote he has put it better himself when discussing Gerrard……..

“It is easy to say the right things but it is not words Stevie wants, he wants actions. He wants to see the club make strides forward. He wants to see that alongside players of his quality, there will be other players of that quality being signed by the club and, of course, he is wise enough to know that I cannot give him that guarantee and he wouldn’t respect me if I was trying to give him some line of bullshit that he would see through.

My job with him is to try and explain to him that I have come to Liverpool because I want to work with people like Steven Gerrard. And I’m hoping that he will have enough loyalty to the club and will be interested enough to work with me and give it some time together. It is really just a question of trying to sell myself and what we are going to do to him and hope he buys into it.”

Practical sensible and realistic. Given the circumstances what more can he do and what more can we expect?

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2 Responses to Can Roy really halt the player exodus?

  1. Gano says:

    Do you think anyone will stop players leaving?, anyone who wants out get them out for top money. Afterall we have won nothing over the last four seasons with these ‘superstars’, Im happy to have Roy and Kenny in charge of football, end of.

  2. redfloyd says:

    Roy AND Kenny in charge? ?????

    Clearly no one can stop a player from leaving.

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