England win through and Reds recruitment plans a tad clearer?

So there you have it England finally win through, why do they always have to do it the hard way? However the soap opera continues with the return of a familiar nemesis in the round of sixteen!

All in all and much more rounded performance even though they will need to be better on Sunday. Perhaps it is encouraging that England are improving incrementally. From virtually nothing last Friday against Algeria they dominated for long periods, passed the ball much better and created a fair few chances, If this trend continues they will dominate for longer and may even convert more of them!

For our part Steven Gerrard was arguably the Man of the Match although advocates of James Milner, quite rightly, might have something to say about that. Although he drifted out left his performance was much more effective subjecting the Slovenian defence to the aggressive, probing runs we’ve become used to at Anfield over the years. He linked up well with Rooney which lead to his chance. Not only did we see great vision from our Wayne to thread the pass into his path but also great anticipation from Gerrard who seemed to know exactly where to run so he would receive the ball. The placed shot was stopped by the keeper perhaps leading many to think he should have leathered it but equally it could have ballooned over the bar. It would be harsh to castigate him for taking the option he did.

For once Glen Johnson had a solid game in defence. Despite getting booked for a nothing incident early on he didn’t shirk his challenges and made two vital blocks towards the end of the game as England nerves frayed and Slovenia went for it. Mathew Upson also put in a good performance alongside John “please like me” Terry and Capello now has the “nice problem”, managers always say this when this happens, of deciding between him and recalling Jamie Carragher. Upson has the pace, but Carragher has more experience, over to you Fabio!

Although many will relish the next game against Germany and see it as an ideal opportunity to dust off the tin hat, mug up on the xenophobic chants, and mention the you know as well as a certain event 44 years ago, it is an opportunity missed. One extra goal, or Algeria holding out for a minute or so longer, would have seen England face Ghana and then either South Korea or Uruguay in the quarter finals. Instead we now have Joachim Low’s men, never trust a man with hair that is far too black for his age, followed by either Argentina or Mexico if we are good enough to win through. An altogether more challenging task but these sides can’t be avoided for ever.

Germany secured their date with us by beating the Ghanians 1-0. Are they beatable? I’ve said that the first half decent team England come up against will see them lose. I’m not totally convinced that the Germans fall into this category, Ghana created enough openings last night to give England hope.

Meanwhile Milan Jovanovic can concentrate on finalising the details of his move to Anfield as he and Serbia pack their bags after their 2-1 defeat to Australia. And what of Roy Hodgson? Has yesterday’s result and presumably Fabio’s stay of execution, made his mind up for him? Anfield rather than Soho Square? We shall see in the meantime all we do is speculate in a desperate, hopeless and probably uninformed way!

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5 Responses to England win through and Reds recruitment plans a tad clearer?

  1. Gano says:

    One thing is for sure, Liverpool have great players in the squad, just play them in their proper positions. Roy will treat players like men not little boys, with Mash going for £30m + Riera, Babel etc, he should have a decent kitty. He is said to be getting £15m from the yank muppets.

  2. Dave the Red says:

    @Gano, Roy Hodgson will treat players like men not boys??? If Roy Hodgson arrives at anfield the mass exodus will begin, we will lose Stevie, nando and countless others. Maybe this is what the Americans want. Bring in a poor manager knowing the players will all leave bringing in a small fortune for them and passing on a tiny percentage of it to the manager to spend. What can we look forward to if Roy arrives? He is 62 years old never won anything of note and steered Fulham to 12th place last season, brilliant I cant wait. I have no idea what anyone sees in him as a manager and you wont catch me re-newing my season ticket until the americans are gone and we have some stability at the club.

  3. redfloyd says:

    My feeling is that there will be a short term appointment until the club is sold. It could be Hodgson or it could be Kenny. Once it is sold and everything is in place funding and stadium wise (assuming we will ever get to that stage) I think they’ll go for a bigger, more long term appointment. I think it’s inevitable that big names will leave as a result not just because of the manager but also the overall situation. I’ll be amazing if Nando, Gerrard and Mascherano are all still with us a few months time, one will surely go? Worrying times ahead thanks to the Star Spangled Duo.

  4. Gano says:

    I’ve got no time for doom and gloom merchants, end of. If you don’t like what’s happening don’t go to the games, Roy has no bearing at all on players going. You say he has not done much, check out his CV and he is no short term appointment either.

    • redfloyd says:

      This is not “doom and gloom” it’s reality.

      “If you don’t like what’s happening don’t go to the games” you say. Surely you are confusing supporting the team on the pitch and getting the behind the players with genuine concern for it’s overall future and the mess the owners have made. I don’t really believe you are saying you like what’s happening.

      It is a fact of life that that players will leave under a new manager, you watch what happens in July. I’ve nothing against Roy Hodgson but suspect the new owners will want someone with a bigger profile

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