Reds sale, RBS turn the screw or keep us waiting? D day for England

Due to their accommodation of Hicks and Gillett’s financial needs regarding their increasingly futile and incompetent attempts to take the club forward. The Royal Bank of Scotland has not been every Liverpool fans favourite bank recently.

However, just as a dog can turn on its owner, the fans lack of confidence in the Star Spangled Duo has slowly transferred to RBS? Whether this is the result of the admirable boycott of RBS by reds fans and series of campaigns asking the bank to pull the plug on the Americans or simply cold, hard economics is debatable point. No, who am I kidding, in this day and age it’s more the latter, they are bankers after all?

Nonetheless it is encouraging to learn RBS appear committed to the sale of the club, our attempts to see this though and remove the Americans. The following RBS quote appeared in The Echo yesterday

“Our common goal is the long-term success of Liverpool Football Club and the Bank’s primary objective is to ensure financial stability, so that the Club can continue to perform both on and off the football pitch……….. we are supportive of the steps that have been taken and we hope to have the opportunity to continue our financial support for the Club under its new ownership, once determined.”

Reassuring stuff? Of just a “holding”, and non committal, statement? I think it would be more encouraging if RBS started to turn the screw on the Americans a little faster. However, it seems that this sorry fiasco will not reach a conclusion by the beginning of the new season meaning we will start with a new manager but still an uncertain future. This hardly the perfect situation for attracting new players. One wonders if this is because take over wheels turn slowly or because of the Americans are greedily holding out for a higher sale price? If it is the latter then such a stand off will damage the club further, then again the Americans should be used to that by now.

RBS has said that it will patient regarding the sale of the club however, I’m sure most of us would welcome them injecting a little more urgency and forcibly encouraging the Americans to make the move everyone wants?

Meanwhile back in South Africa things have improved slightly on the pitch, as some teams need to “go for it” to progress. However, as we enter the final set of group stage games, some still feel negative tactics will get them their just reward. Last night Greece, bringing back memories of their less than expansive but ultimate effective approach in Euro 2004, seemed intent on holding Argentina to a draw in the hope that Nigeria and South Korea would produce the result to ensure Otto Rehhagel’s men progressed. Thankfully on this occasion their mealy mouthed lack of ambition wasn’t rewarded as they failed at the first hurdle by losing to Argentina rendering whatever hopes they had for the Koreans and Nigerians academic.

Earlier in the day the French team did turn up for the game against South Africa but both teams crashed out even though the hosts triumphed 2-1. At the end Raymond Domenech refused to shake hands with South African coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira. Why? Well you decide, I can’t. All it does is suggest that at present the French national team are a bunch of nutters managed by a nutter!

To today’s game in Port Elizabeth and one wonders how John Terry feels now he has been forced to climb down in public and apologise to Fabio Capello? Rather silly and slightly embarrassed I would think. This is appropriate as his approach since the Algeria game has been just that. One hopes that he will respond in the right way today by putting away whatever agenda he has, shutting it and let his talking take place on the pitch? Elsewhere if King is still injured then I guess Upson will be bought in for Jamie who is suspended. After that it’s any ones guess. As we need to win the game then perhaps Heskey might be sacrificed for some one such as Crouch, who will worry Slovenia more than say Defoe. Midfield? This issue remains what do you do with Gerrard whilst keeping everyone else happy? Joe Cole on the left meaning Gerrard can be bought in from the cold to help support Rooney with a holding midfielder behind? Who knows with Capello, he’s becoming as unpredictable as Rafa was?

For all this one thing is obvious, change is needed if not in the actual line up then in the approach of the players who started in Cape Town. The motivation is surely there? Even more so now because, if they progress a potential quarter final tie with either South Korea or Uruguay awaits. A tad premature but for some of the squad this will be last chance to make a mark in the major international tournament. Leaving aside the incessant, tiresome nationalistic weight of expectation that is always placed on their shoulders then surely, if nothing else, they owe it to themselves to make something more of their time here. A combination of professional pride and ego, should demand it?

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4 Responses to Reds sale, RBS turn the screw or keep us waiting? D day for England

  1. Gano says:

    It’s time to wind up the pressure on the RBS more than ever, get these yanks out now!!!!

  2. zeid says:

    : “” Add sender to ContactsTo: szh200@yahoo.comThank you for contacting RBS.

    Your message has been received and sent to the appropriate team who will get in touch as soon as possible. You’ll find a copy of your message to us below for your own records.

    This is an automated message – please do not reply to this email address. If you need to contact us again, please visit our website at

    Name: ZEIDZEID
    Job Title: fan
    Telephone: 0207 235 5411

    Company Name: abc holdings
    Annual Turnover: Less than £1 million
    Location: South
    Industry: Other

    Current Bank: hsbc

    Reason for Contact:
    – liverpool f.c

    Other Information:

    Job Title: fan

  3. Sean says:

    What was that you were saying about Defoe?!

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