Torres misfires and Fabio to face up

So Fabio feels John Terry, with his expression of concern about the way England’s World Cup campaign has gone so far, has made a “big mistake”?

In saying this perhaps Fabio has put himself in a difficult situation? Would his natural reaction be to punish Terry by dropping him for Wednesday’s game? However, arguably his future as England manager is riding on this and he, with injury to Ledley King and Jamie Carragher suspended, is short of middle men. He must also consider if Terry’s views are just his own or representative of other squad members. England fans with a propensity to display a short sighted kneejerk reaction to the teams fortunes, and last Friday tells us there are many, might well say that if Fabio’s somewhat stuffy, aloof demeanour is anything to go by, he just doesn’t care. After all these are only English players, who lack the skill, style and sophistication of his own country. Lets repalce him with someone who is English we might be cr*p but at least it’s Engl*sh manged cr*p!

Also am I totally and utterly cynical or is John Terry with his outburst the other day perhaps attempting to court popularity with the English public to make up for past misdemeanours? Perhaps he feels he is on safe ground with this now as Fabio Capello’s star is no longer shining as brightly? Nonetheless he has continued to show the lack of tact and sense he has shown in the rest of his life by going public in the way he has as opposed to thrashing this out behind closed doors? Battle lines drawn? Wednesday’s line up should be interesting. Perhaps Capello will listen and act but judging from his interview on ITV last night there will only be one winner and one man calling the shots, in the short term at least!

To the pitch and North Korea’s 7-0 defeat to Portugal notwithstanding, I guess there was an extra interest in the Spain v Honduras game mainly because every ones darlings had stalled badly against Switzerland in their opening game. Even though Chile did Spain a favour by beating the Swiss thanks to a Mark Gonzalez goal (remember him) the fascination was still over whether del Bosque’s team would recover or cock it up even more. Oh how many have short memories. As the Swiss reminded us Spain choking in a major tournament is a regular occurrence as winter snow on an alpine mountain top.

Nonetheless all this seemed to cut no ice with ITV’s Peter Drury who seemed content to laud Spain to the heavens for every significant movement in the game to point that it was deemed unique, something exquisite, a thing of unsurpassed beauty, even though it bore no real resemble to what actually happened on the pitch!

There seems to be a unwritten policy amongst the commentators these days to “big up” teams with a so called big reputations perhaps in the case of this tournament it’s because so many of them have stalled? As a result every move, significant or not, is haled as if it is akin to Cruyff like turn in 1974 or Maradonna goal in 1986 even though viewers can plainly see it is significantly out of kilter to such descriptions. It is almost as if they feel they have to big it up to the point of exaggeration as they feel they might lose viewers, even though the actual reality of the game does not correspond to their description of events. There is no need to do this. Do they not realise that regardless of what happens the game will be watched because purely and simply it is a footy game and if you like football that’s what you do be it a big international game or a park kick around?

For Reds fans of course the agenda was different, we were there to see Fernando! It took Drury precisely sixty nine minutes to equate Torres’ short haircut with the myth of Samson. Although his comparison was entirely predictable, there was certain element of truth in the point. Our man looked short of match fitness, confirming what many had though in the opening game, and missed a treble of first half chances that I reckon he would slotted, or headed, home in his sleep on another day or hopefully for his other team. As Torres was running on diesel instead of rocket fuel it was left for Drury to concentrate on David Villa. His second goal was hailed as “terrific, just beautiful” even though it took Jim Beglin to point out that it reached the back of the net with the aid of Honduran deflection. However, there was no stopping Drury, Villa’s first goal, a nice run and finish, was hailed as the second coming. “Spain are away”, “now they look like continental champions again” bellowed Drury even though they were only 1-0 up against Honduras. When Villa stepped up to take a penalty Drury spoke as if his hat trick was a mere formality …. he missed, great stuff if not for Villa but to prick Drury’s blather!

I await Spain’s next game where, in Drury’s world, Villa’s moves will no doubt be accompanied by series of squad members running alongside him throwing rose petals!

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One Response to Torres misfires and Fabio to face up

  1. Gano says:

    Big brave Terry said nothing in the team meeting, all mouth and no knickers. As for Torres, pure class but he is still rusty.

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