Gerrard “love in” continues, red’s manager post linked to Fabio fortunes and it’s the same old Harry.

One wonders if there is a more than a chance or a rumour that Steven Gerrard will leave Liverpool this summer? I guess the threat will always be there when you’re talking about a top player however, there seems to be a charm offensive amongst Gerrard’s colleagues. They appear desperate to make him stay.

The other week we had Fernando Torres singing Gerrard’s praises emphasising his devotion to the club by calling him “Mr Liverpool” and now over the weekend it’s Dirk Kuyt’s turn to join the Gerrard fan club..

“I wouldn’t like to see Stevie G go. Everyone wants to keep Stevie at the club. He is the captain of the team he’s very important and his heart is bleeding Liverpool”

So “Mr Liverpool” now has a heart that bleeds Liverpool it’s only a matter of time before someone, my money is on Carragher, says that if you cut Gerrard in half you will see the words “Liverpool” running through him – may be he’ll join Blackpool! However, when you’ve got team mates speaking in these terms one wonders just what Gerrard has said or what is on the cards? I guess they are the closest to him, see him everyday during the season so he is likely to confide in them? I’m beginning to realise how the Argentineans felt when they occupied the Falklands. They knew the British task force was coming but had to wait three weeks before it arrived and it all kicked off. Once the World Cup is over I suspect it’s going go off for us! In the meantime we just have to wait, even though we know the impending doom is coming!

Meanwhile back in South Africa the England recriminations go on. Talk now is about talking because England have drawn twice. Something appears to wrong so now everyone has to thrash it out! When you hear this sort of thing you just wonder what goes on in the England camp. Does Fabio always rule with a rod of iron, seeking no feedback, comments or encouraging debate? Is he that much of a tyrant or perhaps there is similarity with Rafa in the sense that he can be bloody minded and always seems to want to get his own way? Either that or it’s media nonsense. As they players and manager are professionals and have been together a long time I’m opting for this answer.

Clearly Fabio’s future is now also a subject of debate. Talk is that if England don’t get through he will be shown the door which sets off a domino theory which ultimately touches our own situation as Roy Hodgson has been suggested as his replacement. This would certainly fly in the face of reports yesterday that we are ready to appoint him. Of course it depends on two things, does Hodgson want to hold out in the hope that the England post will fall his way or is he happy to forgo it in favour of managing us, that’s always assuming we want to appointment him. All this is dreadfully premature but my hunch is that if England crash and Fabio goes, Hodgson will not be at Anfield.

I guess it was only a matter time before Wayne Rooney hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, his form so far certainly won’t see him hitting them for the right ones! This time it’s for comments made about the fans booing after Friday’s game. This always throws up an age old debate. Fans will say that have paid money to see the team and are there entitled to their opinion and if necessary to voice it. Equally however one wonders just how much they are really behind the team if they resort to such tactics? However, at least we are not the French team who boycotted training yesterday in support of ex red Nicolas Anelka’s decision to call his manager a “… dirty son of a whore”. Perhaps the French see this as show of support for their friend but many will see this symptomatic of the spoilt, blinkered, feckless mentality that many associate with today’s professional footballers.

Elsewhere and it was interesting to see Harry Kewell wheeled out for Australia’s the match against Ghana. Apparently an extension to Kewell’s contract at Galatasaray is dependent on him proving his fitness in the tournament. My, my Kewells injury problems remain even though he left Liverpool two years ago. So how does Kewell’s agent Bernie Mandic reconcile this with his comments that it was his medical treatment at Anfield that kept him back (click here for article)? As usual Harry only stayed on the pitch for a short while before leaving however this time it was not down to injury but a sending off for handball on the line. It was a harsh decision, technically correct I guess but I don’t think Kewell deliberately tried to stop the ball from going in such was the speed it was travelling. Perhaps the biggest surprise was not his sending off but, given his propensity to get injured, that his arm didn’t fall off when the ball hit it!

Martin Skrtel all but saw Slovakia miss their chance to progress as they lost 2-0 to Paraguay. In all honesty Skrtel, who is just back from injury, seemed to have a hard time dealing with the Paraguay attack often resorting tot manhandling his opponents suggesting match fitness isn’t there? Brazil progressed having overcome the Ivory Coast. They play two holding midfielders but none of them of are Lucas, who would have thought it?

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3 Responses to Gerrard “love in” continues, red’s manager post linked to Fabio fortunes and it’s the same old Harry.

  1. @cookiedidntdoit says:

    You do realise that the comments by Harry Kewell’s manager also led to an internal investigation and the medical staff getting kicked out of Liverpool and the chief of Medical team for Australia to take over this coming season. Pretty obvious they weren’t top notch regardless of how ‘hard’ they tried.

  2. Gano says:

    We’ve had the best of Gerrard so sell him for £30m, If he wants out so be it. The same applies to anybody else, sell them and reinvest the money, after all we have not won much in the last 4 years, have we!!!!

  3. Bobbers says:

    @cookiedidntdoit yea but that doesn’t change the fact that Kewell is made of glass. The big crock is a waste of space, taking up wages for sitting on the treatment table.

    Yea Liverpools medical staff weren’t up to scratch but then how come Harry Kewell spent more time injured in that period than any other player? (Even Cisse with broken legs)

    It’s cos he’s too fragile to play.

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