Whelan’s Wigan wags his tongue and a look at Lille.

It seems that defeating us on Monday wasn’t enough for Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan. No, he felt it necessary to offer some advice on the current state of things at L4.

“Liverpool are in a mess. The owners, being American, I don’t think they feel what we (fans) feel. The big sympathy I have is for the Liverpool supporters because they are a fantastic lot, I’m really, really sorry for their supporters……”

Thanks Dave you’ll telling us John Lennon’s been shot next! I suspect the words were heart felt but they are not exactly the sort of thing you want to hear. The truth hurts and all that….. Rafa’s reaction was predictable.

“I do not talk about Wigan. He (Whelan) should talk about his own club.”

As far as I am aware we have had yet to have a General Election and even if we did I don’t think the Chinese Communist Party will win so Rafa comments about who should and shouldn’t be allowed to talk about what are little pointless. Nonetheless perhaps Whelan should look to his own house rather follow the likes of Fergie and Allardyce who, when it comes to our club, are more than happy to give us the “benefit” of their infinite wisdom. It’s free society and all that but, given the situation, he should exercise a little common sense and a lot more discretion?

So anyway to tonight it’s short hop over the Channel to Lille. Perhaps it is a good thing that we have another match so soon after the Wigan game? Do well in this and I guess some of the flack that’s be flying since the 1-0 defeat might abate. It takes one defeat for it to start it so why not one victory to end it!

Said Rafa…

“Hopefully there will be a reaction in Lille. This is an opportunity to put things right and try to get a good result. In football you sometimes prefer to rest but at this time it is good to have a match quickly after what happened at Wigan.”

Despite these words one wonders if Monday’s defeat has slightly realigned Rafa’s priorities regarding the UEFA Cup? Another Premiership defeat another three points lost and therefore no progress made on the teams around us with time running out? On the other hand if the Premiership thing goes t*ts up then perhaps he may see progress in Europe as his salvation? And what if Rafa fails in both objectives? Real Madrid were booted out of the Champions League last night which will almost certainly lead to their manager going in the summer, if not before. I wonder?

One hopes that things have improved at The Stadium Metropole since the Mancs visited there in 2007. The ground still had metal cages then and when crowd trouble erupted some Mancs fans, in order to escape it, tried to climb them only to meet with tear gas courtesy of the French police. Add the fact that the section was already overcrowded and you have all the ingredients for a depressingly familiar, if not exactly similar, scenario.

As for the game I’m hoping we can nip this one in the bud rather than having to wait for the second leg, so a few away goals would be great. Get those and perhaps Rafa can field a weaker team at Anfield leaving key players free to rest and concentrate on the league? All nice words but can we achieve it? Let’s hope so and I will take us to do this by 2-0.

Enjoy the game.

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