Rafa’s Juve jinks and Bolton banter.

Although the transfer window is slowly beginning to close, thank you Sky for your extremely useful countdown clock as if we can’t tell the time or work it out for ourselves, the major transfer news at L4 doesn’t seem to concern any of our players, or those coming to us, but our manager.

When I last sullied this blog with my b*llsh*t Rafa was linked with Juventus. The move was denied. However, the press seem content on getting out the defibrillator and desperately trying to shock life into what I thought was dead story. Apparently because Rafa didn’t deny he was going to move it’s still got mileage Oh and he can also speak Italian!

In my opinion all this is short term flim flam. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about Rafa and what he has done this season or in previous years harking right back to Istanbul, it all boils down to practicalities. If Rafa is going to move then surely it will be in the summer? It isn’t to our, or Juventus’, advantage for it happen immediately, and it will largely be dependent on how we do in the league, forth place or lower, and whether Rafa is willing to walk out on a what everyone knows is a lucrative contract. Rafa has guaranteed that we will qualify for next years Champions League. If we don’t then he has, on the surface at least, a ready made promise which he may choose to invoke for his own honourable, honest exit regardless of what the real reason might be behind the scenes?

Given the above story I guess it’s ironic that we should find ourselves facing Bolton today. Owen Coyle’s move from Burnley to Bolton was the subject of much comment; not least the wisdom of moving from Turf Moor to the Reebok which many saw as something of a sideways move. It was sod’s law that Coyle should come up against his former club very, very soon after he moved. Although they won 1-0 needless to say he got the obligatory booing from Burnley fans, from hero to villain in an unfeasibly short space of time. Coyle’s response to the ire was one of the best I’ve heard for some time and certainly put the Burnley fans in their place reminding them of the harsh reality of football and that fact that they have very short, and ungrateful, memories. Said the BBC website…

“Coyle, who left Burnley for Bolton earlier this month, was met with chants of “Judas” and unflattering banners from many of the 5,000 travelling fans.

“I can’t complain, they wanted to come and vent their anger,” said Coyle.

“But if we’re going to get biblical, then maybe it should be Moses, because we led them from the wilderness.”

Should Rafa leave and then return to Anfield with another club I can’t believe, in fact I know, that he will get the same response as Coyle got or, for example, Carlos Tevez got earlier this week. That is why Liverpool Football Club is special.

Anyway hopefully we won’t meet Bolton on a crest of a wave after all this. This is the sort of game we should win if we are progress and secure fourth spot. Tuesday’s game against Wolves got more brickbats than plaudits however it was another solid if unspectacular link in fairly respectable chain of unbeaten games we’re putting together. Hopefully we can continue with this today, we need to!

Prediction? I don’t know why I do this, as my heart always rules my head so in keeping this theme I’ll say 2-0 to us. Surely we can’t be as impotent in front of goal as we were on Tuesday? Come on Dirk!

Enjoy your weekend.

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2 Responses to Rafa’s Juve jinks and Bolton banter.

  1. extrafattyliver says:

    wow, what a prediction.

    go reds!!

  2. redfloyd says:

    Cheers! Sadly I had no money on it!

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