Email trash, Reading replay ramblings and Andri, to Russia with indifference!

In yesterday’s Guardian there was an interesting bit of fall out relating Hicks Junior’s resignation. It suggested that The Spirit of Shankly’s (SoS) stance over the offending email was misplaced not to mention hypocritical.

Why, because at the SoS end of season do some fans were chanting Munich songs.

“While it could be argued that the raucous, mob-handed celebration of a plane crash in which 21 people died is considerably more offensive than some dumb Yank losing his rag and sending a chippy email, it’s interesting that SoS chose not to disband or call for mass resignations from among their own rank-and-file in the wake of the notorious sing-along.”

No one would ever condone such behaviour even though Liverpool fans now get more than their fair share of insults over Hysel, Hillsborough not to mention the old “sign on” song. Clearly if the kno*heads who were chanting along with this song were members of SoS (there were others at the do) then they should be condemned however, does this completely discredit the purpose of the Union? I seem to recall the SoS people regretting the incident, disassociating themselves from it and promising to ensure that a repeat would not reoccur. They also rightly condemned the type of chanting that typifies the Munich song.

SoS is not the first institution that has had to deal with people in their ranks who overstep the mark and it won’t be the last. However, clearly for some that it is not enough and of course the SoS must now be slapped down every time it expresses any kind of opinion about anything to do with the club. Clearly in light of this incident, SoS’s criticism of Hicks Junior is now invalidated and he should therefore be reinstated under the rule that two unrelated wrongs make a right! If this is an example of the Guardian’s so called “liberal”, not to mention increasing anti Liverpool stance, then I’m glad I took the decision, after around thirty five years of reading, not to buy it anymore in 2010 and read a book on the train to work instead.

On to the window and it seems that Hicks Senior, perhaps in a damage limitation exercise to tidy up the mess made by his son (believe me I know about tidying up after sons), has suggested that the rivers flowing out of Anfield during the summer will be awash with cash.

“Our debt is very managable (sic) …… we never use player sales for debt service. Our interest on £200m is about £16m. The new stadium will be the game changer. Christian (Purslow) is working very hard on it. Jan is a poor-quality market. The summer window will be big.”

How refreshing, a statement from a member of the Hicks clan without the word “f*ck” in it! “Big” in terms of what and compared to what remains to be seen, can it be any smaller than last summers? However I do agree with Hicks that there is more merit in keeping your financial powder dry until the summer window. The January window is one of slim pickings, nonetheless it has it’s uses such as clearing out old, or unwanted players or unearthing a few bargains.

Andri Voronin probably falls in all of these categories and has been sold to Dynamo Moscow for around £2.0m. Chickenfeed by today’s standards but not bad given we got him on a free transfer, even allowing for wages. So what of Voronin’s stay at Anfield? Detractors would say it comes to something that Rafa should be willing to sell him when we are short of strikers! I seem to recall a good start, a cracking long range goal at Toulouse in the Champions League Qualifier and then a strike up at Sunderland very soon afterwards but after that a catalogue of injuries, the presence of Torres, Keane, Kuyt and more recently Ngog meant his chances were, like his visits to the hairdressers, few and far between.

Nonetheless there was always hope albeit misplaced – at the beginning of this season Rafa seemed quite optimistic about the contribution Voronin could make in the light of his loan spell at Hertha Berlin even at one stage suggesting that we didn’t need anyone to support or partner Torres now he was back. However nope cigar I’m afraid. I wish him luck in Russia and I think that by moving there he will be a step closer to his true vocation, his true destiny in life – lead guitarist in Eastern European Heavy Metal Rock Band – rock on Andri!

And so to Reading in the Cup tonight. Not exactly a tie that will have the footballing world on the edge of it’s seats however, one we need to win all the same and a good opportunity to blow away any cobwebs that might have accumulated over the recent weather enforced break? Hopefully the squad has made good use of the spare time and is fitter and healthier. Ian Rush, on the official website, suggests we will need this as he believes we should hit Reading hard before they have time to build up steam.

“Liverpool need to fly out of the blocks to ensure they wreck Reading’s hopes of causing an FA Cup upset at Anfield tomorrow night. Too often this season we’ve started matches sluggishly, but against Reading we need to play with a high tempo and ensure they are on the back foot from the opening minute.”

No arguments here. At the Madejski we let Reading take a hold of the game and never really got back into it until we went behind. We can’t afford to do the same again. Hopefully Reading will have had their chance but our cup past is littered with examples of defeats to lower league teams at Anfield – Bolton, Bristol City, Crystal Palace and more recently Barnsley. We need to be on our guard and treat this seriously. As Rushie said

“We’ve been shocked in recent years by clubs like Burnley and Barnsley. And if we need any further warning about complacency you only have to look at what Leeds recently did to Manchester United. The lesson is clear – if you aren’t up for it, then you will get found out.”

Prediction? Second time lucky, 2-0 to Liverpool. Enjoy the game.

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