Blow me f**k face….” but it’s daddy’s boy who c*cks it up!

No matter how confident and superior you feel you are, or how bullet proof you think your position is, life often has a comforting way of redressing the balance and proving that no one is immune from being bought down a peg or two. Like the hare and the tortoise fable it may take a while but persistence and application can eventually erode the most impenetrable or lofty of positions and, in time, see the underdog win the day.

No one is suggesting the “reign” of the Star Spangled Duo is beginning to show signs of cracking. However, Tom Hicks Jr’s resignation over his rude, contemptuous, arrogant and unprofessional reply to an email enquiry from a fan is a reminder to us all, especially the Americans, that no one is untouchable and that they will always have others to answer to. They cannot do anything they please? In the case of Liverpool Football Club it is the fans who will always be watching and judging because, unlike the owners, they care. They can kick, squirm, shout or run but the Americans will never shake us.

“Blow me f*ck face. Go to hell. I’m sick of you,”

…was the well considered, articulate riposte from “Junior” to Stephen Horner, a member of the Spirit of Shankly supporters’ union, over his query about Rafa’s transfer budget for the January window. Perhaps if Horner’s question had been a verbal one could understand, but not condone, Junior’s reply. An ill considered response in the heat of the moment? However, his assertion that it was a “kneejerk reaction” takes some believing bearing in mind that he had time to read through and consider the contents of his email before pressing “send” let alone decide to “copy in” or “keep copied in” fellow Liverpool directors Ian Ayre and Philip Nash! Either that or the Hicks lad is, to be frank, and in the words of Captain Mainwaring, a “stupid boy”. You decide.

Clearly no organisation worth it’s salt should employ someone who acts in such a tactless and inappropriate manner so Junior’s resignation, albeit after a considerable delay, is the right thing. It is the latest in a long, long line of PR gaffs the Americans have made. They haven’t learnt and have shown no signs of trying to keep in with the traditions and ways of this club. They simply don’t listen and won’t listen and, after nearly three years, still fail to make a connection or grasp the concept. Hicks Jr’s Email is a tangible manifestation of the attitude that many feel they have always held towards this club and it’s followers.

Perhaps I’m being cynical but one wonders if the errant Hicks boy will be kept on the payroll by daddy in some behind the scenes way. Is this a significant blow to the ownership? Time will tell, but I doubt it? However, this latest tawdry, grubby little episode is symptomatic of the way the new regime has gone about things since they took over. It is one thing to take the pi** financially but to continually embarrass the club in the way they do on top of is unforgivable as it is totally avoidable, there is no excuse?

I don’t expect them to take on board anything the fans have said and equally I don’t expect any non Liverpool fans to have any sympathy. The club chose these people, we’ve made our bed so now we have to lie in it. However, Hicks, Gillett and their acolytes, despite the ease of their takeover, would do well to realise that Liverpool Football Club is not some ice hockey or rounders franchise that they can mould, flex and change at their own will without recourse. They underestimate the fans and what they feel for this club at their peril. It would be gloriously fitting if this, together with the fan’s sustained belief that the Americans and their people are simply not right for this club, eventually turned out to be their downfall?

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