Jovanovic no go and Johnson a “hit” but in the wrong sense of the word!

It’s the general policy of this blog not to comment on the personal life of Liverpool players. What toothpaste Fabio Aurelio uses or what Torres has on his toast in the morning isn’t of interest, in short what they do behind the scenes should remain behind the scenes. However, occasionally it’s difficult not too stray into this area as this translates to the team.

Obvious examples were Craig Bellamy’s thuggish golf club assault on John Arne Riise when we were preparing for a Champions League game against Barcelona. Clearly one was worried about how Steven Gerrard’s form would be affected by his night club fracas a year or so ago particularly as he was also “outed” as a Phil Collins fan!

Now we have Glen Johnson involved in an alleged assault outside a London night club in the early hours after the Portsmouth game. Clearly Johnson hasn’t learnt from Steven Gerrard’s plight? On the other hand why should players be expected to live like monks and never enjoy themselves and, if the reports are true, this doesn’t seem as serious as the Gerrard incident.

However, at the risk of sounding like my age and being accused of being a grumpy old fart, incidentally there is no need to accuse me of this as I fully admit it, am I the only one who feels a bit brassed off that Johnson should be out doing whatever he was doing after Saturday’s debacle. I’m not suggesting he should go home, black out his windows. repent and read extracts from the bible or write a hundred lines “I am a defender not a winger and must head the ball away from the goal a lot harder and more decisively after Pepe’s spilled a shot”. However, a little bit more tact and decorum in the light of his recent form, Saturday’s result and the overall situation the club finds itself it, wouldn’t have gone amiss?

Ultimately Johnson isn’t helping himself. Doubts have already been raised about the defensive aspect of his game and Rafa didn’t pay £18m to see him make a name for himself in the way he did in London. Many will see this as an example of Johnson not caring and it is bound to pi** a significant majority of the fans off who, had we been in last years position (top of the league), would have been more prepared to turn a blind eye?

Transfer news and it appears that any interest we had in Standard Leige’s Milan Jovanovic has cooled. Rumours suggest that as Jovanoivc was out of contract at the end of the season he would be sold this January. He has more or less scored a goal every two games for Liege and won the Belgium Footballer of the year a few years back. However, one wonders how Jovanovic would deal with the Premiership, Belgium has supplied it with a few decent players recently, Everton’s Fellaini, and Arsenals Vermaelen being two examples, actually come to think of it they are the only examples! If there is a priority this window then surely it is for a striker? Torres can’t do it all on his own and although Ngog is looking promising, we badly need extra support in this part of the pitch?

Why are we not interested? Hopefully it’s because we’re looking at someone else rather than not having the funds? The January transfer window is a tad on the dull side however for us it could be quite eventful if the bad form continues? The issue remains do we have the funds to try and correct it?

Meanwhile it is ironic as our slump continues that Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres have been named in something called the FIFA Pro World Eleven. Perhaps not as ironic however as Tiger Woods recently being voted “Athlete of Decade” by the Associated Press or may be that’s appropriate I guess it depends of what sort of “athletism” they are referring to! Not surprising the World Eleven is choc a bloc with Barcelona players however there are two from the Mancs (Vidic and Evra) and one from Chelsea (Terry). So, Gerrard and Torres isn’t bad return for us but sadly one can’t help wondering what the current odds for any Liverpool players being in next year’s team?

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