Arsenal, and trying to turn a corner.

So here we are again contemplating turning another corner that will kick start the season. Said Steven Gerrard….

“We’ll be right up for the Arsenal game on Sunday. If we can get three points there and take that into the Wigan game, we can turn a corner.”

This is the same corner we thought we’d turned when we beat The Mancs and the same one after the Everton game. Like Thatcher in the eighties it seems Rafa and his team aren’t for turning?

Arguably today’s match against Arsenal gives us greater grounds for optimism. Strip out Wednesday’s dead rubber and it’s six unbeaten and three consecutive clean sheets. A sign of recovery or just clutching at straws? We also have Aquilani finally playing and Torres nearly back. However, one should never second guess Rafa Aquilani is just as likely to end up back in the shoe box wrapped up in cotton wool just as he is to start. Torres may feature but would anyone be surprised if he started on the bench?

Both sides can feel confident about wining this fixture. Arsenal never seem overawed when they visit Anfield even they don’t get the victory Mr Wenger always seems to think he deserves! No doubt they will be keen to emulate their last league visit to Liverpool which saw them give Everton a good seeming to? For us we can take heart from Arsenal’s defeats to Sunderland and Chelsea and the two recent cup defeats albeit they were with weakened sides. After a good start Arsenal for all their pretty, easy on the eye football still lack the steel to grind out results when perhaps things aren’t going as well as it should. Equally we should be aware of the clinical play that was personified by Arshavin’s finishing in last seasons game.

Yesterdays results went our way with Spurs and Manchester City slipping up. I’m tempted to add The Mancs and Chelsea to that however, we are not in a position to really be worried about their results. The immediate priority is not, as many suggest, to secure the top four place but just to get everyone fit, get some confidence and string a few results together if we can do that the rest will come.

Prediction? If we play with the pace and commitment we showed against The Mancs then there will be no problem however, if we sit back and let Arsenal have the ball and start to weave their pretty patterns then we are playing a dangerous game especially since our defence has been brutally carved open on more than one occasion this season. I suspect we will see elements of both tomorrow and as such I’ll go for a 1-1 draw. Turning the corner may have to wait for another day?

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4 Responses to Arsenal, and trying to turn a corner.

  1. Anonymous says:

    need to keep fabregas quiet, and aquilani has got to start!!!! dying to see him get stuck into the premiership!

  2. Ian Mc says:

    need to keep fabregas quiet, and aquilani has got to start!!!! dying to see him get stuck into the premiership!

  3. Bongo says:

    Arsenal fan here, I’m afraid a Liverpool win is inevitable to be honest.
    Our team is in tatters from injuries and haven’t been able to gel with all the changes we’ve been forced to make, I know Liverpool fans can appreciate more than anyone what effect that has on a team.
    We currently have 5-6 new players only on their third game this season, Walcott is rusty as hell and is comparable to Voronin in his uselfulness at the moment. Eduardo is in abismal form at the moment and is not a threat.
    I wouldn’t worry about Fabregas too much, he’s brilliant but not used to having Vela, Arshavin and Nasri as his attacking targets for passes and most of them go to places where he assumes they’ll run but they don’t.
    Our attacking force is impotent at the moment as you might have seen against Suderland and chelsea, we’ll definitely dominate the midfield and might even enjoy most of the possession but much like last season it will be slick passes with no end product.
    We’re relying solely on Arshavin to come up with magic, which he can but that’s not of comfort to us at all.
    The most interesting thing about this game for me is to see the battles between Vermaelen and Torres, and between Song and Gerard.
    Vermaelen is a tank and he’s utterly fearless, we’ve never really been able to deal with the threat Torres poses so I’m keen to see how Vermaelen does.
    When we met you last year both times we were missing a combative DM but this year we have Song who is without doubt our best player at the moment. If both he and vermaelen can bully Gerard and Torres we could have a chance of a draw but don’t bank on any Arsenal goals unless Arshavin can pull some out of his ass, which is possible, good luck to Liverpool today I hope your guys give a performance to be proud of but of course I’m hoping they’ll lose while doing so.

  4. Zap says:

    Well Bongo you were wrong

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