Souness’ criticism reveals Rafa’s raw side?

Deep down I’m surprised that it’s taken so long for Rafa to hit back at the criticism he and his team have received over their start to the season..

May say criticism should never be addressed. It depends how it’s done however, I never believe people such as actors or musicians who claim never to read their reviews. Come on, who are they kidding?

Perhaps Rafa was waiting for the right moment? Is it any coincidence that one of his targets was Jurgen Klinsmann the person Hicks and Gillett spoke to behind his back about his job. The other “critic” was ex Liverpool manger Graeme Souness.

Both voiced their opinions on Sky TV after the Wednesday’s defeat to Fiorentina. I can’t honestly remember what Klinsmann said but Souness’ remarks about he club being in “meltdown” did make me sit up. TV, radio and newspapers are full of ex players giving their opinion about anything. Few of them are particularly insightful, however I’m always interested to here what Souness has to say even though I don’t always agree with him. I thought his comments on Wednesday, which were straight after the game, were perhaps one of someone who was concerned rather than critical? He did preface his utterances by saying he was a Liverpool fan. Despite this one can’t really, at this stage anyway, subscribe to his theory that we are meltdown and will soon be lining up against Torquay in the division two even though our wonderful owners appear to be giving this a good go!

Sometimes things are said for effect or as a gut, kneejerk reaction to an event that, with time, doesn’t seem as serious has one initially thought. Nonetheless it prompted Rafa, after two days, to say this.

“There is always criticism but I don’t listen. I turn off the volume on the TV. Both (Souness and Klinsmann) have fantastic records as managers, so the fans ignore what they say”

Sorry Rafa, wrong answer! One is tempted to be a smart ar*e and ask how Rafa got to hear about Klinsmann’s and Souness’ comments if he turns the volume down? However, onto the real issue.

Rafa has a good record as a manager but the rub is that it’s not as good as Bill Shankly’s, Bob Paisley’s, Joe Fagan’s, Kenny Dalglish’s and may be even Gérard Houllier’s? Note the common theme and that is what really matters? Moreover although Graeme Souness’ record as manager, at Liverpool and elsewhere, may not be as good as Rafa’s he has a superb playing record for Liverpool and as such is more than entitled than most to give his opinion on the club. Why should Souness, or anyone else, be expected to tow the club line anyway? If we think he’s a pri*k for saying what he says then fair enough the overriding climate of opinion, mixed with the level of respect people have for the critic, will prevail?

All this has done has shown just how frustrating our current plight is for Rafa, not that it should be a surprise. Criticism is part and parcel of the game especially when things go wrong. While others (including myself) comment, is it wise for Rafa to do so? All it does is undermine his situation, reveal a chink in his armour at time when he needs to be strong and resolute? The best way to answer his detractors is, as always in football, on the pitch?

However given the events of this season so far, who can blame him for reacting in the way he has? He’s only human, and at least it shows he cares?

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2 Responses to Souness’ criticism reveals Rafa’s raw side?

  1. Red says:

    It’s not about debating Klinsman and Souness’s comments, it’s more about whether Rafa do analyse what he has done wrong all this while, I’m afraid he doesn’t and the followings are widely spoken by fans all over the world that he just refused to listen :- he was and is given ample money and time to buy players but he chose to listen to his (god knows what scouts) and bought lots of rubbish and so called potential players and got shipped somewhere else permanently in a few years and we made a few million losses here and there every year that caused us to accummulate the losses and please don’t blame the Yanks for that. There’re so many good players all over the world and Rafa chose to recruit those so called potential players but do not really fit into the EPL. Honestly he doesn’t knows what and how he wants the team to play, as what Shankly once said football is a simple game it’s all about passing the ball and on the move and get on with the game while Rafa has done the opposite. he bought players like Lucas, Aurellio etc etc but honestly will they get into the Chelsea or Arsenal team??? I don’t think so. What he has bought so far are players that cannot stand up to the physical side of the game, too many to mention, watch how many 50/50 balls that we’ve won and you would see what I mean. As for tactics he played Torres upfront all alone and no wonder Torres gets injured more time then on the field. Tactically Rafa is out, honestly he doesn’t knows the requirements of winning the premier league, 5 years is a long time and more than enough time for him to build a championship winning team and he hasn’t done that and I believe we have seen enough of what he can and will do and time to move on. If he continues with his cautious tactics and keeps player those fringe players like Lucas and Aurellio, which we’ll see more side and back passes, I’m afraid his time will be up quite soon.

  2. red - YNWA says:

    get rid of the passengers in the team..(Lucas,kuyt,..etc),..try use youth player with good potential..
    when tactic “A” is not working but still use it 5-6 times or must be a moron..

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