Blackburn and Gerrard’s five double zero!

So England now know their opponents in the World Cup. Nothing to be too worried about which should increase the false hopes and therefore the number of articles about them winning it?

Back to the real world and off to Ewood Park today in the hope that we can build on Sunday’s derby win. Despite the victory it wasn’t exactly conclusive proof that we have turned a corner. I still feel a lot more needs to be done before we were seriously back on track.

However before looking at the game, a word about Steven Gerrard who plays his five hundredth game for the club today. I say “a word” but what can you say about the man that hasn’t already been said? Liverpool is often held up as an example of a club containing too many overseas players but Gerrard and Carragher are both local boys, have both come through the ranks and both are key players.

Gerrard was linked with Chelsea on more than one occasion however he’s now been with us for eleven years. At 29 years old you’d think that he might want to try his luck elsewhere, may be abroad just for the experience if nothing else however, he is showing no signs of that and even if he were to go like Fowler, Owen (despite who he plays for now) and Rush it would be difficult to imagine him in anything other than a red shirt. If anyone was doubting Gerrard’s commitment one only had to look at the on pitch pre match pep talk he gave the players before last Sunday’s game.

“Around the time I made my debut my dad was always saying to me ‘you are so close to getting your chance’. I was just praying that chance came along… That was against Blackburn and now 500 games later I’ll be starting as captain against them this weekend. I’ve had an amazing career so far and hopefully it will continue to go the same way. I’m living the dream.”

Because of all the talk about players underperforming and or new signings it’s sometimes easy to take Gerrard for granted. However he should see that as back handed complement no one seems to talk about him because he is consistently good? He is a hero to a new generation of Liverpool fans just as Dalglish or Keegan was for those before them. Refreshingly he doesn’t really act or preen play the premadonna like many of his contempories. He is, along with the fans, one of the heartbeats of the club. Here’s too many more games.

To today’s match and it looks like the mid week news that Torres could be fit was false with Rafa preferring to give him another seven days. Blackburn were involved in a long Carling Cup tie against Chelsea whilst we were putting our feet up. Will it tell? Perhaps not as Blackburn won and must be buoyed by getting through to the semi finals? Whatever the case this is clearly a game we can’t afford to lose. Last week was good for us as all the teams around us either drew or lost and we now find ourselves just two points off a Champions League spot although many would have us believe it’s more than that from the way they talking about our prospects!

Prediction? It’s made for a Steven Gerrard goal and I take him to deliver in a 2-1 win. Enjoy the game.

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