Who needs the Champions League anyway!

So, how did you feel on Thursday morning? Probably not as bad as Rafa. Cop or should it be Kop, this lot. Starting with The Telegraph.

“When you walk through a storm, you can catch a cold. Rafa Benítez had summoned up the spirit of Liverpool’s famous anthem to stir his team before this vital tie but they were blown badly off course within sight of sanctuary. However unfortunate, however cruel, this result is deeply damaging for Benítez”

Then The Guardian….

“Rafael Benítez’s nerve-shredding rollercoaster is hurtling towards oblivion”

The Times offered no solace

“This was almost a great night for Liverpool…. But Lisandro López’s goal changed all that as the light at the end of the tunnel was extinguished. Instead, Benítez’s team were plunged into the darkness that has engulfed them since they fell to defeat away to Fiorentina five weeks ago, the start of a wretched eight-match sequence that has yielded one win”

Add to this Ronnie Whelan’s comments earlier in the week that suggested Rafa was using Liverpool and the Champions League to further his own career and get a job in Europe (yes Ronnie, that’s a job away from the biggest league in the world, and his very lucrative contract) then it all adds up a to rather fraught week for Rafa and the club?

However, should one really be distracted by the flowery words and comments that are designed to make particular reports or pundits stand out from the crowd? Liverpool will not find themselves roller costing, helter-skeltering or even taking a dodgem car to oblivion. All we have done. sorry look like doing, is going out of the Champions League.

The trophy is great to win as we have been fortunate to know that feeling however, it’s a fact that all clubs get knocked out more times they win it. Should we not through the group stage of the Champions League Liverpool football club will not suddenly cease to be. It will still go on.

The talk is as if the Champions League is the be all and end all of all however, the majority of clubs in Europe still function perfectly well without taking part in it, or winning it? If you progress to the final you play fourteen games not enough to define a season as there are plenty of other matches left? Perhaps, by default, too much emphasis is placed on the competition because of its financial rewards and early elimination might turn up the pressure on the star spangled duo in this respect (for ever cloud…..?). However, surely most still look at it from a footballing point of view and does this competition’s format have the same magic and excitement that it use d have when ties, right from the start, were decided on a knock basis?

No doubt I’ll get accusations of sour grapes or “he would say wouldn’t he” now they look like going out and my response to that is “too f**king right” however, a sense of perspective needs to be retained. If we do fall then there is always next year and first and foremost we need to concentrate on making sure we get there, who knows, an early change of focus may do us good?

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1 Response to Who needs the Champions League anyway!

  1. Gano says:

    It’s never over until it really is over, remember 2001 was a great final in the UEFA cup, would that be so bad?????????????

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