Kings of Lyon or “Shake the Heartbreak”?

Monday mornings are getting a bit samey these days. It’s the same old feeling (does it ever change) and the same old questions ie “What happened to Liverpool over the weekend?” Of course yesterday, because of the circumstances surrounding the “beach ball goal”, there was added spice.

Its strange how in these circumstances people you wouldn’t pass the time with talking about football suddenly want to talk about it and with as much, hot air as was in the beach ball! They’ve suddenly become experts in obscure referring rules! Then there are the jokes humorous or otherwise What is a Liverpool fans’ favourite drink (Red Ball). Lucas did try to kick back into the stand but kept missing and the web mock up of Rafa “space hopping” on a beach ball etc. If we had scored every time I received on of these in my email box then we’d have by the far best goal difference in the league!

Amid all this nonsense there is however, a more serious point, the way we played. It’s hard to when your team is going through phase like this. You defend them but the performances keep chipping away at this approach. You hope that they can win soon so that the journey to frustration and criticism is cut short? However, the reality is that if we continue like that we’ve been going our season could be in serious danger of going into free fall by this time next week. The wheels won’t have fallen off but there will be a distinct wobble as we trundle along through the programme? Although we may find smoother roads in the future will the damage have been done?

Reasoning becomes more and more tenuous. Apparently we won the league in the 60s having lost four of our first nine games however, that was then and this is… follow up Saturday with defeat to the Mancs this Sunday and where will this leave us? Thankfully no one else is particularly outstanding at the moment and everyone is dropping points so we are more in touch than our form suggests we should be? However, we can’t continue rely on other teams mistakes to justify our own inertia?

The press has been full of quotes from our players expressing concern about the way things have gone. Jamie Carragher is the latest

“We will all stick together and there will be a great atmosphere, as there always is at Anfield for these occasions, and I’m sure we will respond to that. A few people were writing us off before Sunderland and I’m sure there will be even more now but we’ve been written off so many times during my career here. We always fight back. We are Liverpool, we have always shown great character and I’m sure we will continue to do that to come through this sticky period”

However, this week is one where we really need do something about it. Defeat to Lyon tonight in the Champions League would not be a disaster but it would give us an uphill struggle to qualify in the group. We have done it before, remember when we lost to Marseille at home two years ago? It was a close run thing and, in trying to play catch up in the group, our league form suffered.

Lyon only lost their first league game over the weekend and recent Champions League history suggests they have quality. Thankfully we have Gerrard back from injury and Mascherano refreshed after his travels. However, there is still no Torres. Said Rafa

“It’s important as we have had injury problems. Having Gerrard fit is a big boost for us. Fernando is not close enough to fitness to be considered. He will miss this one but I hope he will be OK to play against Manchester United next weekend”

Normally one tries to gain some kind of insight as to how the game will go and what we can do however, to be honest I can’t even think about that at present – a win is more important than anything else. I think deep everyone knows this.

“You can guarantee that if we win against Lyon the mood will change, and if we can win against United, the mood will be totally different. When you are not winning, to play another game quickly and have the opportunity to change things is the best thing”

As Rafa implies here’s to a welcome swing of mood. Prediction? Another close run thing but I hope, think, know we have to prevail 2-1.

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