Stumping the stats plus Prince 1 Hicks & Gillett 0

After we lost to Chelsea many gleefully reminded us that since the Mancs back in the 1960’s no team has won the title having lost three of their first eight games.

I don’t know who found that stat but I hope he or she has gone back to their train spotting or collection of china teapots. The response when faced with this fact (apart from saying “so what”) is of course well, it’s not impossible and it’s high time someone did. It’s ironic that the game that sparked this mind numbing stat was the defeat at Stamford Bridge, a ground where a year ago we ended it’s residents 86 game unbeaten run.

Stats are there to be disproved and records to be broken and does anyone, at this early stage, really feel things have got beyond us? Understandably Rafa does not.

“The most difficult thing this season is to manage expectation. Last season we finished with 86 points and everyone was talking about this being the year….Everyone is talking about Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Aston Villa, so I think it could be a very open race. That is why my message is the same – for us to keep doing our job properly”

And I guess that is all we can do. Inevitably, whilst the majority of the squad is away on international duty Rafa will find time to reflect and think deeply about how its gone so far and how it can be improved. Hopefully with players such as Agger back from injury and Aquilani ready to go, we will emerge from the break stronger?

A party that perhaps doesn’t feel so strong or confident at present are messers Hicks and Gillett. Having bickered like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in The Odd Couple (although no where near as funny) and saddled the club with debt it was perhaps ironic to hear Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah al-Saud’s latest thoughts about his rumoured buying into the club. The long and the short of it? No dice unless the owners kiss and make up and stop behaving like a pair (insert whatever word you want here) and reduce the debt!

Someone called Barry Didto (“did not”, “did to” na na na na na) is quoted on the BBC website as saying

“His Highness’s shareholding could go from anything from nought to 100% But he cannot be seen as a solution to the debt or problems in the existing relationship between the owners.”

Just in case The Star Spangled Duo didn’t get the message Didto added

“His Highness would not want to get involved in (the problems between the pair), he is not a marriage counselor… The debt has to be at a manageable level before Prince Faisal would invest and the current level is high… He cannot be looked to as someone who is going to clean up the balance sheet – Gillett (and Hicks) has to deal with this”

Marriage counseling is a good analogy. Perhaps the owners, like a couple where one of them has had an affair exposed by the papers with put on a fake show of unity for the public and the Prince? Indeed who knows what they might do for his money? Kill their granny, crawl over broken glass or maybe even attend the Mancs match in two Saturday’s time in the buff!

I joke but the Prince has pulled off a cute move. It’s too early to say what his involvement, if it even happens, might bring but it is the supreme irony that the fall out of Statler’s and Waldorf self centered, greedy quest to use this club could be one the main reasons that stops them from doing just that?

Enjoy your weekend.

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4 Responses to Stumping the stats plus Prince 1 Hicks & Gillett 0

  1. Gano says:

    Prince Faisal will get his way, have you been watching that superstar striker called Kriztian Nemeth playing for Hungary, he is exceptional.

  2. redfloyd says:

    I would hope so. He is playing for AEK on loan, from us!

  3. Gano says:

    Have you never heard of IRONY ?

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