Fiorentina fall out, a sense of reality and looking forward.

The last couple of days have been the days of the rallying call.

Whenever we seem to go through a period of despair (I’m not sure if that’s a bit OTT to describe one defeat in seven), up comes Steven Gerrard with his call to arms.

“We need to get the Fiorentina loss out of our system quickly, as we have a massive game at Chelsea. What we need is to produce a reaction from this defeat at Stamford Bridge.”

It’s not exactly Winston Churchill but there’s nowt wrong with it and it’s the sort of thing you would expect to hear from a captain who one would expect, as Gerrard has done on the pitch so many times, to set an example.

In The Echo Fabio Aurelio perhaps took the fall out from Tuesday a bit too far by suggesting, or was it way the article was written, that Chelsea would feel the backlash of Tuesday’s frustration. I guess the universal feeling is that as part of Tuesday’s healing process one wants to get another game along as quickly as possible. A win will make things better and help the memory fade and diminish hankering doubts. The fact that it’s Chelsea, and the impact it could have on our title challenge, makes all the more potent. Equally however another defeat will make it worse, no shut up!!!!!

There seems to be no doubt that the players are feeling brassed off about Tuesday and surely professional pride suggests that they want to make amends, but can they? For many Tuesday’s result seems to have bought into focus our season so far to the extent that some short sighted naysayers say we have flattered to deceive. Wins against Stoke, Bolton, Burnley, Hull, Debrecen, Leeds and West Ham are, they suggest, wins that are hardly going to send shock waves through the football world. Our defeats against Spurs, Aston Villa and on Tuesday paint a more realistic picture and suggest, that when it comes to a half decent opposition, we will be found wanting?

If only life were that simple. Sadly no one at Anfield or, before any one says it, Old Trafford can control the fixture list and we can only play and beat (hopefully) who we are due to play. Personally, if we are out of sorts, I’m glad we have played the sides we have while we are going through this period. Let’s be thankful, remain optimistic and hope that when we play so called better sides we’ve sorted things out?

Of course this is all relative and I guess that at third in the league, top scorers etc it’s an indication of the high standards we expect that people are still moaning. But how memories are short! We will get better and if anyone believes that we have suddenly become a bad side in the space of six months as a result of struggling to beat sides we would have no trouble in overcoming earlier this year, then they are not the sort of fan Liverpool needs at present.

Walk on!

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