Reds facing Florence and the take over machine!

Arg ha it’s an important Champions League game so it should time for rumours about a take over, or something equally as disruptive to surface! And, as sure as night follows day we have it.

Enter Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah al-Saud who has talked about acquiring 50 per cent of the club for the price of £200m to £350m. “Prince” (it’s too much typing otherwise) was at the game with Statler and Waldorf on Saturday. This might explain rumours about the police threatening some fans with eviction from the ground if they displayed anti owner banners. If it is true well done Hicks and Gillett you’re a class, class act! What ever happened for an eye for eye? Some of Hicks uttering’s and dealings since he came into our world have been far more offensive than anything a banner can say?

Princes reported investment is considerably more than Hicks and Gillett paid for Liverpool. Has the value of the club increased by that much since they took over, even allowing for recent commercial deals? I don’t think so it clearly reflects the Americans asking price/profit margin? No doubt the timing of this news, almost immediately after the announcement of the £80m shirt sponsorship is significant. “Hay your Princeship, look at the potential”

A few weeks ago Hicks was telling us that Liverpool was in “great financial shape” and now it appears he and Gillett are willing to flog half or at least part of it and have been for some time? I say part of it because in reality would the star spangled duo be willing to relinquish control by selling 50 per cent? If they are what does the proposed Arab investment say about Hicks and Gillett’s commitment? Will they, as many believe, jump at the first sniff of a decent profit on their investment and ride off into the sunset, without honour, but smug in the knowledge that they have taken us all for a ride? Time will tell but, for now, forgive me if I move on because I shouldn’t be writing about this sort of **** before a game!

And so to Fiorentina and an attractive Champions League tie and our most important week of the season so far, remember its Chelsea on Sunday. I think this is the first time we’ve been to Italy in the group stages. The first thing that springs to mind is how we might approach this game. With three points already in the bag perhaps Rafa might opt for the less offensive option? However, given our performance in this area one wonders if he’ll risk it. Does this quote on the official website give us a clue?

“We are good enough in attack but can improve in defence and that’s something we will try to manage in the next two or three weeks and try to get more clean sheets”

Perhaps the emphasis will be on attack particularly since Javier Mascherano has been declared unfit and didn’t even travel? However Rafa showed an optimism which was symptomatic of our recent run..

“It is not a problem because I think we can manage with Stevie or another player. To lose a player like Javier is not good. But we will find solutions, whether it is with Gerrard or someone else”

Perhaps this sort of game will help the defence as Champions League games tend not to be as up and at ‘em as Premiership ties. Defenders should have more time? Fiorentina have made a good start to their season and won over the weekend and even though they are without Gilardino, who is banned, they must be respected. However, our results haven’t been bad either and that will not have escaped the notice of the Italians. Having lost their first group game, against Lyon, they will perhaps be under more pressure to get a result especially if we can silence the home crowd by snuffing them out for a long period or, better still, scoring first?

Of more concern to me is packing it all in tomorrow night. I’ve a wedding reception which starts late which, unless I can find a TV (not easy, it’s in a restaurant!) means I’ll have to watch a recording late in the night! Prediction There will be goals and I think we can do it 3-2.

Concrats to Winnie and Simon.

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4 Responses to Reds facing Florence and the take over machine!

  1. Dr Mohamad Noor Mohar says:

    I am really pleased with the latest development at Liverpool FC. It is a positive development. The Prince himself is the son of the Late Al Malek Fahd, Saudi Arabia King. The current King is Al Malek Abdullah. So far in terms of commercial exploration the club has been doing very well with academic setting up both in Saudia and North Africa along with the jersey sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered. The brewer, Calsberg too are said to be looking into a continuity partnership with Liverpool. The future augurs well for Liverpool. Personally, I do not think we will end up like Leeds or any club that goes into administration. As long as we know to explore the commercial aspect of Liverpool brand especially in Asia, Middle East and Africa we will survive. Honestly we have many followers from those region compare to the entire Europe. It is worth noting that Asia is recovering faster in the wake of the economic recession compare to Europe.

  2. Gano says:

    Dr Mohamad!, we only want honourable people contolling our club as you know, I know from my career working in the Middle East that honour is very important to Arab people. The house of Saud has very good contacts all over the world in all business aspects, do you belive we can be happy about this possible deal?

  3. Well, you got the two right…horrible performance in the first half at least. Too many long aimless passes and deserved to be trailing.

    Still, nothing like qualifying the hard way, eh??

  4. redfloyd says:

    “Still, nothing like qualifying the hard way, eh??”

    You should know!

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