Mascherano and a highway to Hull

It’s been a quiet few days since the Leeds match.

Thankfully Javier Mascherano has managed to dodge the FA’s long arm of the arm as it was deemed that his caught Jermain Beckford’s face accidently on Tuesday night. For me more worrying was the fall, onto his back, Mas took a few minute after. It looked like it hurt, a lot! I wondered if he would get a delayed reaction after the game but all seems fine.

Much has been said about Maschernao since Barcelona’s abortive attempted to lure him to Nou Camp this summer. Rafa, having been unable to persuade Xavi Alonso to stay, was hardly going to let Maschernao go as well. My feeling is that deep down Mascherano was probably disappointed not to move. Not because he was unhappy with his Liverpool lot but because Barca offered him an even better opportunity privately, rumours were that his pregnant wife was unsettled over here, and professionally they are after all European Champions and have his Argentine team mate Messi playing them.

On wonders if Rafa’s decision to refuse to let Mascherano go is affecting his play, he has been slightly off the boil this season. I guess it’s a difficult line to tread some managers say that if a player wants to leave a club then he should go as his heart is elsewhere and it disrupts the team. However, because Alonso had already gone, one can fully understand Rafa’s decision to dig his heels in over the move. Other factors? I don’t know if his wife has given birth yet but that changes things especially if you away from home a lot which Mas is at present as part of Argentina’s dogs dinner of an attempt to get to South Africa. He has a lot on his mind?

All this is a pity, it annoys me when people say Liverpool are just Gerrard and Torres as I believe Mascherano is up there with them. Why is he ignored? I guess it could be due to the fact that, unlike Gerrard and Torres, he doesn’t do the swash buckling stuff that gets you noticed? Sadly it would not surprise me one bit if Barca were back in for him next year and what will be our chances of holding on to him then?

On to today’s match and Hull City, our opponents, will bring back memories of last season and another one of those frustrating home draws that contributed to us missing out on the title. The score was 2-2 and occurred when Hull were going through their “premiership honeymoon period”. Sadly for them it seems the ardour has gone and their current form, unlike their manager’s cuprinol fence stain perma tan, is pale imitation of those days. Reports suggest that their self regarding boss’ days will be numbered unless form improves?

So is it a good time to playing Hull? The 4-0 midweek defeat against Everton suggests so and we’ve had an extra day to rest. However, one must never be complacent I’m sure the squad will be mindful of what happened last season? The important thing is to continue the run, now five games undefeated and plenty of goals, which will help increase confidence especially in those areas of the pitch where we’ve been slightly off form.

Team wise we have no problems and must be encouraged that Aquilani has also started training this week. Prediction? Tigers to be fully tamed this time, 3-0.

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