Leeds plus praising, and throwing the book at, Fernando

It still doesn’t seem right to see Michael Owen scoring the winner in the Manchester Derby however enough of that, quite rightly after Saturday it should be talk of Torres. Rafa was unusually wholesome in his praise.

“If he continues to play like he did today, he can be one of the best,… when you talk about the Premier League you talk about a lot of players with quality so it is not easy to pick just one, but he is among the best”

He then, humorously I might add, said

“He is a good professional with a great mentality… he is also a good husband – so sorry, women”

Since joining Liverpool Torres’ private life has been just that, private. However, those who want to can get a small glimpse of it as he has just published his autobiography. Des Kelly, who writes for the Daily Mail, is unimpressed

“Take Fernando Torres’s new autobiography. And when I say ‘take it’ I mean that quite literally, as it is not worth buying. The Liverpool striker has produced his first life story at the grand old age of 25 and, unsurprisingly, appears to have nothing to say that could not be accommodated within one page of newsprint …. Why did Torres bother to pollute the environment with this? As books go, it’s not even writing. It’s typing”

Mr Kelly should know that criticising any sporting autobiography’s literary content is like going to a Motorhead concert and complaining that it’s too loud! What do you expect? Torres is not alone in publishing an autobiography at a young age and one that isn’t a candidate for the Booker prize, or any prize for that matter. However, that is not the market it is aimed at. And why pick on Torres when these sort of books are published regularly? Perhaps I’m being too cynical but Torres is a foreign national plying his trade in this country and Mr Kelly writes for the Daily Mail no sorry, I am being too cynical!

The irony is that, poor book or not, I suspect more people are interested in Torres’ short life than anything Mr Kelly has done or has to say in his column. Should this be a surprise when all he can do to fill it is to cheaply and unimaginatively resort to the critical equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel?

And so to the Carling Cup tonight. It’s Leeds United and I guess a few years ago this would have been considered a heavyweight tie. Not so these days due to the home teams well publicised demise?

Much has been written about the Carling Cup and its worth. It is one of those competitions which certainly hasn’t benefited from the busier European fixture list and the switch of priorities in favour of keeping players fresh for the Premiership games. However, perhaps it has its place in the light of UEFA’s recent ruling on quota rules for home grown players?

Next season clubs must name at least eight players in a 25-man squad that are under 21 and have been trained in England or Wales. Apparently our squad has the highest percentage in Europe of expatriates. So I guess more than ever we will need to develop and bring on home grown players into the squad? The writing has been on the wall hence Rafa’s pursuit of Gareth Barry and then Glen Johnson. During pre season Rafa took the opportunity to play many of our up and coming youngsters and reserves, many of whom were home grown, along side first team regulars. However, that is where the involvement seems to end aside from the odd appearance on the bench The Carling Cup should provide an opportunity to continue giving youngsters valuable first team experience whilst continuing with our youth policy development?

Whatever the case it is a sure thing that the side that lines up for tonight will be significantly different from the one that faced West Ham. No Torres and no Gerrard but maybe we’ll see Daniel Agger and Fabio Aurelio play providing both with much needed match fitness?

Prediction? Who knows (how much will Rafa rotate?) and, many will say, who cares. Well I do and hope we can go far in this competition especially if it also sees the reserves and the youngsters having their day. 2-1

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2 Responses to Leeds plus praising, and throwing the book at, Fernando

  1. Guest says:

    Des Kelly must be an absolute idiot! When sportsmen or musicians or whoever release an autobiography at a young age, its aimed at one market… The fanbase! Yes we can maybe just read some of the info in the book on the internet, but thats not what its about! Its about having it in paper at your finger tips. That’s what being a fan is all about… In this case, the passion for the great game of football and an even greater striker. Des Kelly should get a life!

  2. redfloyd says:

    Normally I’d ignore it but it’s just such a cheap shot from him that I had to say something

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