Rafa’s Greek gift and more signs underlying discontent?

Off on holiday after this so unless I can find an internet connection, this piece could be it for a week.

My major concern will be trying to find a pub (or anywhere) to watch the Aston Villa game on Monday, as usual we are in the middle of nowhere. I’m not even sure if it’s live on TV!

Back at where it really matters and thoughts seem to have turned to activities off the pitch now that the ship has been steadied with Wednesdays win. Rumours suggest that, despite having made a sizable on profit on transfers, Rafa only has a few million left to spend for rest of this transfer window. Where has the money gone? I guess you don’t need to have a PHD in brain surgery to work that out!

Nonetheless these are nothing but rumours and the transfer window hasn’t closed yet and maybe Rafa doesn’t have a burning need to add to what he’s already bought this summer? However, interestingly when asked about rumours over his possible departure Rafa replied that he wasn’t going as he’s given his word to the players and the fans that he would stay. Fine words but perhaps the most noticeable thing was who he omitted from this list or am I reading something into this that isn’t there?

Despite this Rafa has been quick to move and try to resolve his centre back problem. With Daniel Agger about to undergo back surgery next week, Sami plying his trade in German and Carragher and Skrtel probably in the nearest sickbay undergoing overhauls and we are short. Enter Sotirios Kyrgiakos signed, interestingly, for the sum of £2m – the amount the rumours suggest Rafa has left!

It would have been interesting if Rafa carried on from Wednesday night and continued to place his trust in Daniel Ayala however, I guess he wants some experience at the back and Kyrgiakos, has that.

“He is a tough defender who is strong and good in the air. He has a strong character and we were looking for these things. He can score goals and will be a threat from corners and free-kicks. He’s very strong in defence but he will need time as always to settle into the Premier League. He will be a very good signing for us.”

Kyrgiakos isn’t visiting these shores for the first time having spent a couple of years at Rangers which should help with his acclimatisation. Hopefully his experience will benefit the side and, as Rafa suggested, help bring on the young players rather than hinder their progress.

“When the young players see someone with experience it is positive because they can learn from them. It also means they have more time. If they have to play some games they can but they are not under pressure”

How will Kyrgiakos do? I guess at £2m or so it won’t be a disaster if he fails however at the age of thirty he has every incentive to try and succeed as this could be his last big career move? Whatever the case defence wise we seem to be a slightly better place than we were at this time last week at least on the face of it?

And that is it. I’m to off the wilderness! Well it’s not really but if I can’t get the game on Monday it might as well be!

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1 Response to Rafa’s Greek gift and more signs underlying discontent?

  1. zicoinexile says:

    Watched your mob lose again last night – and I saw a lot of the greek defender when he was at Rangers – he’s crap!

    Things looking bleak for the Reds this season!

    All falling nicely into place for the Arsenal 🙂

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