“Mither” over for Gerrard but will others walk?

The news that Steven Gerrard has been cleared of affray is clearly good news for himself, his family, and Liverpool Football Club.

It’s strange, those cynical non Liverpool fans who I discussed the case with thought that, having seen the CCTV evidence, Gerrard was guilty. However, they also suggested that he would get off as A: Gerrard was a popular and famous and B: the jury was from Liverpool (utter boll**ks in both cases). Perhaps more pertinent was the fact that he could afford to hire the best legal advice going. One of the guys in our office, a lawyer, knows Gerrard’s lawyer very well and was therefore adamant that, regardless of the evidence, he would get off!

As for me I refer you to the piece I wrote at the time the incident was announced (click here). If Gerrard had been found guilty then fair enough, in the words of Captain Mainwaring, “stupid boy” but ultimately he would still deserve our support (is it too patronising, self important and arrogant say “forgiveness”) because of the relative trivialness of the incident and all the great things he’s done for the club in the past. He’s a human being first, not some paragon of virtue and no, there is no comparison with say Joey Barton, look at the respective incidents.

All in all the trial hasn’t really done anyone any good apart from the lawyer’s bank accounts. All this sorry, tawdry incident really does, regardless of what you might think about the rights and wrongs of the outcome, is draw attention to the fact that people like Gerrard who are in the public eye are always going attract in his words, a bit of “mither” from people, who are out to make a quick buck be it from an out of court settlement, a piece to the papers or at least have a story to boast to their mates about. Is it any wonder that with all this “mither” people like Gerrard sometimes react and get into trouble? Can they really be expected to bite their lip and turn the other cheek and suffer every time or is it a fair price to pay for the fame and the money?

Thankfully Gerrard can now move on and concentrate on his football which is what he did last night against Tranmere scoring, for a “Liverpool XI “(ie those who didn’t travel to the far east) in a 2-2 draw. However, elsewhere there’s plenty of news surrounding the club even though at this time of year most of it is speculative.

Speculation over the future of Alonso and Mascherano continues. With the former because he was left out of the Thailand game and now it appears the latter, if reports in The Times are true, who has reiterated his desire to go to Barcelona. I think I’ve got to the point now that I did with Barry episode last summer. Every time I read about it my heart sinks and my brain hurts and I’m conscious of over going over well trodden ground when I write about it.. Let’s hope the conclusion is the same as last summer ie. nothing happens. Said Rafa over the rumours

“Like I said before, Alonso will enjoy the weather, the fans and the journalists. As for Mascherano, you have a big problem now in the press. There are too many websites, too many newspapers, too many radio and TV stations who have to compete every day. It seems sometimes you repeat something and people read news that is 15 days out of date. Mascherano knows our ideas. He is working hard and is an important player for us.”

Yes Rafa very true and all that but does either player still want to play for Liverpool? If not, will they go? And if they do go have you got a replacement lined up?

I guess we will be put out of our “misery” soon?

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