Johnson – A Message to you Jose!

What will be the bargain of the summer? Michael Owen going to Manchester United or the very, very wonderful Specials CD given away in this weekend’s Sunday Times? A close run thing!

Time will tell if the £17m we paid for Glen Johnson will help see the (Dawning of) a New Era and prove to be good value. Johnson hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet but it hasn’t stopped him kicking out in media against his former employees. Jose Mourinho is the man to feel Johnson’s ire in The Sunday Times. The interview conforms to the Stereotype of a player scorned. Apparently “The Special One” didn’t make our Glen feel too special by not playing enough at Chelsea and favouring the likes of Paulo Ferreira in his position. He’s also accused of going back on his word.

“There were a lot of things he told me that weren’t true.”

An example of this concerned a Champions game against Barcelona where he was told he would play if he did well in the previous game. He obliged but still wasn’t picked.

“….I was dropped from the squad. You would have to ask Mourinho what his reasons were but I know it was because he didn’t want to see me play well and be forced to pick me for Barcelona. That was the day I knew I had to leave Chelsea. Managers have to stick to their word. You have to be able to trust them.”

And on he goes……

“I left Chelsea because I had to play football. I got the feeling I was finished there when they signed Ferreira. Mourinho told me that wasn’t the case but there were a lot of things he told me that weren’t true. I remember speaking to my mates and telling them that while I was being paid to play football, playing football was the thing I was doing least in my life.”

Despite being condemned to the footballing equivalent of a Ghost Town Johnson says he harbours “no bitterness” towards Mourinho

“I don’t see the point in bearing grudges,”

On this evidence I wouldn’t like to see what Johnson does or says when he does bear a grudge!

A weird interview leading to a Blank Expression. It seems odd that Johnson should wait so long to Do The Dog in this way. Why didn’t he come out with it when he was transferred from the Concrete Jungle of London to Portsmouth. Perhaps he feels he can get it off his chest now because, has broken away from the premiership also rans Rat Race and signed for one of the big four again? He’s vindicated? No all that has happened is that we’d paid £17m for him. He hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet and still needs to prove himself. Despite his price Johnson has no God given right to believe he should be a first team regular particularly when his new manager is prone to odd bout of rotation, ask Robbie Keane!

Rather than view his comments as a bout of Too Much Too Young perhaps we should see his as Johnson being motivated to do well for us, to prove Mourinho wrong? I hope so. And Mourinho’s take on all this? I suspect he is blissfully ignorant, even if he weren’t, he would probably Do Nothing?

Finally Enjoy Yourself as it’s guess the club time. Again The Sunday Times reported that we received an offer of £60m for Fernando Torres. Who from You’re Wondering Now? Well here’s a few clues, apparently Rafa say’s they were English but it wasn’t Manchester City who now feel they can maraud through clubs, like some footballing Gangsters taking what they want. Or are they just having the temerity to do what the big four have been doing for years? Anyway say’s Rafa…

“It was a proper offer, a big one, but we said no and he wanted to stay here”

Now let’s think who has just received £60m for a player. However, they know that we wouldn’t sell to them because they are our rivals. Arsenal don’t have that sort of money, well they might but certainly wouldn’t fork it out so that leaves just one other club… nope I can’t see Fernando in a Burnley shirt either!

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