The fat lady limbers up and Stevie G’s award.

Congratulations to Steven Gerrard for his 2009 Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year award. I wonder if Gerrard would have traded in the award for a Wigan victory the other night?

I didn’t watch the game but kept “flicking” over as the game progressed. The heart sinks when, in the space of one ”flick” the score goes from 0-1 to 2-1! However I can’t say that it came as a surprise just as we have proved resolute in our recent attempts to keep the pressure on The Mancs, they have been equally steadfast in their ability to keep us at arms length?

Perhaps the Gods of chance, fate and fortune are leaving things to the last minute, to teach us a salutary lesson that nothing should be taken for granted and that one should not give up hope. Perhaps they are planning to provide us with the so far elusive “twist” that so many have been predicting in the title run in? However, I suspect this is not to be and we will no doubt to “treated” to rather unoriginal, tiresome chants of “are you watching Liverpool” from the Theatre of Delusion at some stage. It case you’re reading this Mancs fans the answer to that question will be “no”.

Back to Steven Gerrard and many, including the player himself, have expressed a degree of surprise that in this season he should have picked up the award. However, if Ryan Giggs can pick up the players player of the year award having only made a handful of starts anything is possible! I guess it’s because Gerrard has spent long periods on the treatment table this season while others such as, the bronzed pouting “Adonis”, Vidic and Rooney, who were widely touted as potential winners, have managed to avoid this? However, when he has played Gerrard’s form speaks for itself, 23 goals from “midfield” and captaining us to our closet shot at the title since we won the thing. I guess it’s also an award for those years when he’s been “close but not quite” as Kevin McCarra said in The Guardian

“Awards are often made with an eye to posterity as much as to the season that is ending. Steven Gerrard was in that regard a prudent choice as the 2009 footballer of the year. Few would deny that he is a superb player and, at 29, it was the right moment to ensure that he did not go unrecognized in this specific regard.”

Gerrard also celebrated ten years since making his debut this season. It’s funny, thinking back about the posts I’ve written for this bog I can’t really remember one that has really singled out Gerrard for real heartfelt praise. Sure I‘ve mentioned his ability to get us out the “s***” plenty of times and how well he’s played however it’s as almost as if it’s been taken for granted, “as read” that he is our best player. While you feel the need to draw attention the performances of others who do well you don’t need to with Gerrard because, by and large, he always performs well. Some times you need to state the obvious I guess. Gerrards, when commenting on the award, said.

“It’s made even more special for me because I am following in the footsteps of Liverpool players like John Barnes, Steve Nicol and Kenny Dalglish who were heroes of mine. Then further back players like Ian Callaghan and Terry McDermott who were heroes to my dad and so many other Liverpool fans.”

Very humble however, that is now what Gerrard is and has been for some time. Part of the long series of top Liverpool players and a hero to many fans who were too young to remember those Stevie mentioned. His performances and achievements means he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as these players and, in an age where there is a call for clubs to field more “home grown” players, he is from the City his team represents.

I suspect the one award that Gerrard would really want to cap his career off will remain elusive, for his season anyway. However, he remains the heartbeat of the club a superb player, a top man and a thoroughly deserving winner.

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4 Responses to The fat lady limbers up and Stevie G’s award.

  1. Kenneth says:

    Gerrard is “the man”

  2. zicoinexile says:

    Fear not, the Gunners will take all 3 points on Saturday 🙂

    And next season Arshavin will tear you lot a new Arsehole (again)

    Gooners Rule

  3. redfloyd says:

    Dear Zicoinexile.

    Hmmmm very good!

  4. wdkf says:

    i have to admit gerrard has always been one of the top three players the last couple of seasons, im sure there were alot of people who was gutted when giggs got the players’ player but there was no doubt who the writers were gonna go for.

    this season has been a “close but no cigar” (still in the run in for the title) but the way the liverpool team composed themselves in the closing stages on this season, its a great preview for next season’s fight.

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