Agger signs and Newcastle review

Argh well another Mancs win and the fat lady edges nearer. I guess the longer it goes on the more dramatic the comeback will be if it happens. As said before all we can do is keep winning and keep hoping. Kenny Dalglish made me laugh speaking on the radio about our hopes.

“Unfortunately we’re dependent on someone doing us a favour. All of a sudden you become a fan of whoever Manchester United are playing.”

What does he mean “all of a sudden”? Surely it’s always been the case?

I hope Middlesbrough’s changing rooms met with Fergies approval today. Clearly in his eyes criticising clubs for their facilities if they are not up to palatal splendour of Old Trafford is neither “arrogant”, “disrespectful” or “beyond the pale”? Next week Sir Alex gives his opinion on the pies served at Premiership grounds?

The good news for us is that Daniel Agger has signed a new contract to keep him at L4 for another four years. This is good but surprising news. I thought that with Skrtel and Carragher seemingly at home with each other in the centre he might go. Hopefully he can keep free from injury, get a good run in the side and recreate the form he showed in his first season with us? It’s also great that we can convince players like Agger to stay even when sides such as Milan have been showing an interest. It also seems that Javier Mascherano has been the subject of similar types of enquiry which has caused Rafa to sate that he’s going nowhere. Also encouragingly he gave welcome reassurances about Xavi Alonso’s future.

“Clearly we do not want to lose key players. Players like Mascherano and Xabi Alonso have long contracts so we are in a strong position.”

Back To Newcastle and for us it’s a game we have to win to stand still. The Mancs victory is one thing but as Chelsea also won we need to be mindful of slipping into third? Today’s opposition, Newcastle United, current form should mean that we will prevail however, arguably their desperation is greater than ours? Caretaker manager Alan Shearer has yet to win a game and many are already writing his team’s obituary. With all due respect to Shearer one wonders if Newcastle would have been better appointing someone with more experience? Shearer may have been a popular for them but does this make him a good manager and did Newcastle really have the time to give him a chance to find his feet?

For us we thankfully we have Steven Gerrard back. Although we have done well without him, his return is welcome and it’s not been lost on Rafa.

“Gerrard is fit – he has been training and hopefully he will be available for the game. The team were doing well without Stevie, but everyone knows we are stronger with him on the pitch. He is a player who can changes games and is very important for us.”

Prediction? I guess there is a bit more pressure on us as we have to match United’s win and you also have to add to that the plight the opposition find themselves in? Newcastle’s form is not good but at this stage of the season one of the strugglers usually clicks let’s hope it’s not them. Newcastle may opt for caution and then try to take something so we need keep the pressure on them to ensure their confidence does not grow, cool heads and patience are needed. However, I take us to do this and eventually prevail to the tune of 3-0.

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