No news week so bring out the old transfer chestnut!

The big four are always in the papers and with Arsenal, Chelsea and The Mancs on Champions league duty this week there was plenty to get your teeth into. I thought both semi finals were poor. We could have handled Barcelona just as well if not better than Chelsea and Arsenal, despite giving us the runaround last week, can consider themselves very lucky to be only 1-0 down.

As we’re not playing people could be forgiven for thinking that, news wise, we are the equivalent of “Billy No Mates” However, the papers, every mindful that there will be Liverpool fans reading, have gone into the archives and dusted down an old story and, as they say in the music industry. “remixed”, “remastered” and “reissued” it.

So here it is again welcome back to the “Rafa will need to spend before he can buy” story. Hardly big news and slightly inaccurate, or at least misleading, at that. It makes it look as of Rafa has no money at all and that if he needs to get new players through the door he’s got to kick old ones out of it! Truth is, it seems, is that he will have £20m-£30m and if he wants anything above that then he will have to sell to buy.

This is slightly more reassuring although of course worries about the Star Spangled Duo’s financial muscle continue amid rumours of loans being defaulted on over the water and a deafening silence in the way of comment.

No doubt, in an ideal world, Rafa would want more money, or as appears to be the vogue term these days, “a war chest” Commenting on this he said.

“I will have an idea of how much we will have to spend. I think we’d have to sell players to increase the money we’ll need but at the moment we’re not talking about names and money. We are working on targets and we will try to do things as quickly and cheaply as possible.”

Surely the sell to buy issue isn’t going to cause him too much heartache as even though the season isn’t over, I’m sure he’s got a list of names he’s interested in and, despite his protestations, another one of those he’s prepared to off load?

It would be wrong to discuss who might go as the season is not over yet however, if the paper stores are true, there will be very few surprises in terms of targets and some, in terms of who he wants to sell, one would not want to see go under any circumstances.

Let’s just say if the rumours are true it could be another summer like the last one and no doubt Rafa, with his newly acquired “transfer sword of power” will be hoping his aims will be achieved this time?

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