Positively counting out time and PFA award reinforces old theories.

So nearly a week of inactivity before our next game against Newcastle.

It feels a tad weird not to be involved in the Champions League semis this week, we’ve been in the mix at this stage in four out of the last five years. However if a rest and KO from the tournament is the price to pay for prolonged title challenge, then should we complain? After all it is said that the title is the one trophy we really crave.

As the games run out Rafa remains positive..

“We have to keep on winning. This football league is always difficult and United are a good team, but if we keep winning I think maybe they will feel the pressure. You never know in football.”

I guess we are at the stage were results, rather the manner of the victory, matter but this didn’t stop Jamie Carragher from being candid about Saturday’s game.

“We have been on a great run of form recently and that was probably the worst we’ve played in a long time to be honest… Good luck to them (Hull), we just hope they do the same when they play Man United at the end of the season.”

Ones hope it won’t be too late. I’ve a feeling that the fixtures in two weeks time could be crucial. We play West Ham at Upton Park whilst the Mancs play Man City.

Meanwhile congratulations to Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard for being included in Premier League team of the year. Not a surprise to be honest. In most people’s book Gerrard would walk into any team and Torres is simply one of the best strikers around, if not the best. No doubt their inclusion will bolster the theory that we are a two man team. This is nonsense and quite frankly insulting to the rest of the squad.

The term “world class” is a subjective one but let’s assume Gerrard and Torres fit the description so what does that make Alonso, Mascherano and Carragher, foot soldiers or bit part players to Nando and Stevie’s weekly tour de force? Name me one side in the Premiership where the majority of the eleven is made up of truly world class players. However again we are singled out and cited for lack of strength in depth as if it’s trait peculiar only to us?

As for the winner of the PFA Players Player of the Year, well good on Mr Giggs but I’m sure he has gone through more arduous seasons for considerably less reward. No doubt many will see it as recognition of services over the years rather than just this season where he has only made twelve starts for the Mancs. It would be small minded to belittle Giggs’ achievements and may be his award should be welcomed? Perhaps this will mean more and more players, when voting, will consider less obvious attributes that their respective choices have bought to the game other than just good play?

Finally, it appears Bruce Grobbelaar has left Hell’s Kitchen. I didn’t even know he’d been in it!

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