Allardyce sinks further into the mire and thanks Fergie, what a nice “gesture”!

Back in the 18th century Doctor Samuel Johnson complied the first authoritative dictionary of the English language, It made a big impact and was used widely until the publication of the Oxford English Dictionary in 1928. However, it now it appears Sir Alex Ferguson Manager of Manchester United Football Club, but a man with delusions of grandeur that over reach this post has decided that it’s time for a rewrite.

Words such as “arrogant” ”contempt” and “pale” as in the phrase “beyond the pale” should, according to Mr Ferguson, be given new meaning. Not because bits of the English language have changed over time and words, hitherto thought to be unacceptable, have slowly through common usage, been absorbed into the dictionary. No, the redefinition is a largely down the behaviour on one man, Rafael Benítez Maudes!

Mr Ferguson having studied Mr Benitez during his team’s game with Blackburn last Saturday clearly feels that the words “arrogance”, “contempt” should now be used to describe a Tommy Cooper like gesture signaling to your midfielder that in fact he was right to take a free kick in the way he did rather follow his suggestion to play it short.

There are two things predictable in life at this time of year, blossom sprouting on the trees of this fair land and Fergies pre title run in wind up. Leaving aside the fact that, yet again, Fergie has commented on matters that do not concern him, the sad fact is that a man as experienced as him and, with all his undoubted success, still feels it necessary to employ tactics that are so transparent. There have been all sorts of “victims” in the past Mr Mourinho, Mr Wenger and now Rafa. However all this has proved is that the problem is not with the target but the perpetrator.

This year’s batch of nonsense has taken on a new slant. Fergie has a lickspittle accomplice in Sam Allardyce tagging behind him like some loyal adoring but ultimately stupid puppy dog. I’m also reminded of a playground scene. Fergie is the big intimidating bully that everyone is supposed to fear. Allardyce is his weaker, unpopular “hanger on” who is perhaps hoping some of Fergie’s magic gold will rub off on him and revive the fortunes of his increasingly desperate and unsuccessful managerial career? Bullies always pick on supposed areas of weakness. Rafa, like Wenger years ago, as far as the premiership goes is still, to a degree, a new boy in town however he’s beginning to rise above the parapet and it’s rattled Fergie?

“Poor little Sam” sorry “poor Big Sam” is central to this latest bit of childish nonsense. Rafa has been a cad of the highest order to with his gesture last Saturday after Torres’s second goal which was seen as giving some kind of indication that because we had gone 2-0 up and that Blackburn and their manager were therefore cr*p!

Mr Allardyce described this as

“pretty dismissive to me and Blackburn – disrespectful and quite humiliating….The game is hard enough without a fellow manager making an undermining gesture.”

An interesting statement with should be seen in the light of Mr Allardyce comments before the game.

“..Managers are very transparent…… I’m the same. I’ve managed to psyche a few managers out in the past but no one has ever psyched me out because I don’t give a damn what people say.”

A week is clearly a long time in football for Mr Allardyce? From not giving a dam he now feels humiliated and disrespected and undermined. Anyone got a tissue?

Allardyce, who you would think would be more concerned about keeping Blackburn in the Premiership rather than allowing Fergie to use him in this way to get a Rafa, also said

“I went to have a word with Benítez after the game but unfortunately and, as usual, he didn’t turn up. He probably was avoiding me and that shows you the measure of the man.”

Really! Would you expect Rafa to entertain a man who before the game had complained that Rafa likes

“You can’t stop him whingeing and moaning, he loves it.”

If anything this last week has shown the measure of Mr Allardyce whose reputation, like his team, appear to heading downwards. For him showing respect and humiliation clearly does not cut both ways? No wonder Rafa made his excuses and left!

As for Fergie. Well have you ever been in the situation when someone is trying to take the pi** out of you and hurt or insult but they just don’t hit the soft spot? They think they are being terribly clever but in reality they just being an irritating, tw*t. You’re not riled or wound up, you can’t be bothered and just feel saying “yes, yes very good is that the best you can do? Now go away, I’ve more important things to concentrate on”

Hopefully Rafa is feeling the same way this time will respond to Fergie’s small minded, pitiful attempts to get at him in the only appropriate way. With a dignified silence!

Next week Sir Alex helps Amy Winehouse get over her problems, solves the global warming problem and brings peace and harmony to the Middle East! Rumours that Rafa will be wearing a straight jacket for the next game remain unfounded.

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2 Responses to Allardyce sinks further into the mire and thanks Fergie, what a nice “gesture”!

  1. spirtie says:

    well said. Big Sam the lapdog for Fergie. he willingly and stupidly run into the trap set by Fergie. what now? his team lost to stoke last nite. any more excuse? did the stoke manager show any hand sign or disrespect, Mr Sam? he shud be ashamed of himself facing the camera!

  2. deejay says:

    they are all out of order… the reason that a certain red nose is still succesful is coz he has so many students still follows his commands…

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