Villa and time to seize the moment?

A short post today due to mother’s day machinations my mother down this weekend and of course the kid’s mother!

Well who would have thought it? Chelsea again, our serial Champions League stalkers! The draw could have been better however, we know all about them and have already beaten them twice this season albeit under a different manager. David Pleat, in yesterdays Guardian, predicated a Chelsea win which is also good! Anyway, more when it gets nearer.

Perhaps less likely was The Mancs defeat at he hands of serial Manc slayer Danny Murphy this time he was in Fulham white instead of Liverpool red. Clearly today’s match with Aston Villa gives us an excellent chance to make further ground on the leaders and to also pull away from our Champions League opponents who lost at Spurs. One just hopes we take it?

One can’t hope thinking about all the other opportunities we’ve spurned at home however, surely after last Saturday and yesterday we should be well up for it and determined rather than nervous? Villa have also been out of sorts recently however you’d be a fool to read anything into this?

Its’ tempting to talk about the Mancs particularly in the light of yesterdays petulant performance and some of Fergie’s comments about Rafa in the papers over the weekend. However, the spat between the two gave me the feeling I get when my two boys argue over a bit of LEGO or over who should sit in the front of the car when we go out, it’s only important to the two who are arguing to rest it’s just tiresome? So, as always it’s best just to ignore the Mancs and concentrate on winning today as the Fulham result will count for nothing if we fail to do so and, even if we do win, we still need them to slip up again whilst we win all our games?

Prediction? Because Villa have slipped up lately perhaps Martin O’Neill will be even more determined to get something out of today. There is also a history between O’Neill and Liverpool over the Garth Barry affair which was still a topic of for speculation this weekend. However, expectation overrides any nervousness and I take us to prevail by 2-1.

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2 Responses to Villa and time to seize the moment?

  1. gbp says:

    What is it with you and your over use of question marks? Its annoying.

  2. redfloyd says:


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