Sunderland and trying to put on a brave face!

Grrrgh that Monday morning feeling was made even worse by the usual work place “post mortems” from people who only take passing interest.

“How can you beat Real Madrid in one match and then lose to Middlesbrough?” I should have typed out the answer, photocopied it and handed it out such was the number of times I was asked that today. Trouble is I wouldn’t have known what to type!

The gloom was heighted on Sunday by the Mancs taking the Mickey Mouse Cup (only so called when we don’t win it!) with yet another penalty shoot out. Too much for me that, I spent the afternoon painting the garden fence!

Not surprisingly it seems we’ve been written off by nearly everybody. From the red tops to the broadsheets. There appears be no one who will give us a chance apart from Fabio Aurelio bless and salute him….

“We have lost a great opportunity to try to get closer to Manchester United but we must bounce back now and beat Sunderland at Anfield on Tuesday night. We will still keep on fighting because we know in football that anything can happen. We won’t give up and we will now try to win every game.”

Rafa is more realistic

“We just have to keep doing our job. We just have to keep trying to improve. Finishing second would still be an achievement…We can talk about positions, but at the end of the day we just have to win the next game.”

Too true. I guess it could be a blessing in disguise to go into “the next game” so soon after Saturday’s defeat? A chance to blow away the cobwebs and all that. Tonight’s visit of Sunderland to Anfield provides just such an opportunity.

I guess it will be interesting to see how we react to Saturday and what Rafa will do. Torres is still injured and as is Arbeloa however, I’m not sure we will see a repeat of the solution Rafa applied to those problems on Saturday? Martin Srktel looked very uncomfortable at right back, time for Jamie Carragher to fill in this time? Up front everyone seems to be firing blanks these days so Rafa might as well put all the forward’s names into a hat and draw out two!

Sunderland have proved to be a sterner test since Roy Keane departed as seen in them being the latest in a long line of clubs to get a scoreless draw at The Emirates. If they achieve the same result at Anfield I think I’ll go and lock myself in the garden shed and not come until June!

Prediction? Any sort of win to stop the rot would do, anything!

Enjoy the game!

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3 Responses to Sunderland and trying to put on a brave face!

  1. Lionel the Red says:

    I predict – a 2-0 loss to sunderland, a 3-0 loss to Madrid at anfield and a 6-0 thrashing from the manures on the 14th.

    By this string of losses all men will know rafa needs the boot!

    by hell fire, sack him and all the yes men players under him who play not because they are proud to wear the famous Red shirt, but play for their god-man in rafa (we trust – as the clowns ‘red supporters also say)

  2. Anfield1892 says:

    Any “fan” of LFC who would welcome ANY result other than a win at the hands of the mancs, for ANY reason, is a jester in his own right, make no mistake.

    Pride in the club you play for, bashing which is merely a childish and purely subjective view considering you have no knowledge of anything that goes through a player’s mind, does not make you in any way a better player. At least not anywhere near the level that you believe it should. Everyone wants the entire squad to announce his love of the club at full volume and everyone wants a fully homegrown team on top of that. Realistically you have to eventually wrap your head around the fact that there are times when the academy is not flooded with overwhelming talent. Even if that was the case though, and the next generation of liverpool players where all born and raised next door to you and all destined to end up in the hall of fame I am positive that the view would change to “we need to win now”.

    My point is that support is never detrimental to the team and you shouldn’t use a term such as that to describe supporters of the club/manager so loosely. Clowns? That is an awfully hypocritical label considering you yourself are voicing the fool’s opinion on this one, even if Rafa left now it wouldnt change a thing for this season. Even if you cannot see the obvious progress he has made with the team in the exact timeframe he had originally set to achieve said success, it is still pointless to hammer Rafa right now.

  3. Lionel the Red says:

    Thats your perspective of a fan and well, I have mine.
    By voicing my opinion of whats happening does not mean I am not supporting the team. It shows at least I am not a passive fan.

    I voice my disgust, dissapointment and opinions in the hope of positive changes. And by the way friend, I am not alone on this.

    The manures no matter how we hate them, we have to admit, they play darn good football and have an effective youth system despite the money they have. What does rafa do with all our promising reserve players? what has happened to Insua? Come on man, u think Ngog and Elzar are better than Keanne who was sold just to spite Rick Parry?

    Come on man take off your blinders and stop living in denial and see the real agenda of Rafa. He has no love at all for the club now but has his own personal agenda if not he would have put ink into the contract already, even if necessary his blood. But he has come to a point where he is thinking about his own future. he does not want to be booted out, he will leave when we have lost our second place position for sure – just wait and see this, it will happen.

    There will always be fans like you with their blinders on and there will always be fans like me with out blinders off. We all love this great club but maybe we show it differently, perhaps fans like me are just a bit more aggressive to see LFC back on top again after 19 years

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