Wigan waffle and Keane claptrap exposes one rule for all and another for Reds?

Cor blimey that ‘arry Redknapp’s a cheeky geezer and no mistake. Not only is he content to belittle his predecessor for leaving him with an inadequate squad and also players such as Darren Bent when he misses an easy chance. Oh and there is the FA Cup when he said he would field his weakest possible side. Now he sees fit to comment on the prospects of Robbie Keane joining his team.

“I wouldn’t sit here and say I wouldn’t like to have Robbie Keane at my football club, I’d be a liar, but he belongs to Liverpool so it is not an option unfortunately. As a player and a person I have a lot of time for Robbie Keane – I think he’s fantastic.”

The Redknapp family are currently advertising the Wii so is dad’s latest statement actually taking the p*ss, particularly in the light of Daniel Levy’s comments about us tapping up Keane over the summer? Remember Steven Gerrard’s comments about Gareth Barry in the same period.

“I want Gareth Barry to become a Liverpool player. I am desperate for us to sign him. He’s a good player…..W e can’t be disrespectful to Villa. He is still their player and we will see what happens. Naturally, they are going to try and keep hold of him, and rightly so because he is one of their star men.”

I believe Redknapp’s and Gerrard’s comments to be fair enough. There is nothing wrong in Gerrard, Redknapp or any one else saying “gosh, I’d love player X to be playing at my club”. They are only articulating what many others are probably thinking. However in the summer Gerrard, along with Rafa, got slated for speaking about Barry in this way. Tapping up, and showing a lack of respect to Aston Villa? However at the time of writing the noise, in condemning Spurs from those who sought to criticise us, has been anything but deafening.

Of course the fact the Keane was omitted from Sundays squad clearly means that, in the eyes of the press, he is on his way out. Just as like when the sky is grey we are going to have forty days and forty nights of rain or because the Russians have cut off the some gas supplies they are going to invade half of Europe. In short it’s a knee jerk reaction. If Keane plays tonight against Wigan, he is in the squad, then presumably such nonsense will disappear just as quickly as it has surfaced?

It’s even been suggested that Rafa is using Keane as a pawn in a perceived on going battle with Rick Parry and the Star Spangled Duo over control of transfer policy. The reasoning is that in the summer Rafa was overruled on the purchase of Gareth Barry whose signing he viewed as more of priority than Keane. Even if this were the case I doubt Rafa would be so heartless, and childish, to use the player in this way.

Nonetheless I guess Rafa’s use of Keane has left many of us scratching our heads. Equally would it be a surprise, given the weird selections and numerous substitutions, if the player’s head was a little more than confused? Because of injuries to Torres and Gerrard there has been a degree of expediency about some of Rafa’s choices concerning Keane. Now both are back perhaps things will settle down? Of course there could be another theory that Rafa simply doesn’t know how to accommodate Keane in his preferred line up? If this is the case surely he will opt to persevere and work to find a solution as opposed to selling so soon and at price that is likely to be less than the £20m we paid for him?

On to tonight’s game with Wigan. We’ve been treading water of late and the challenge, after an excellent Christmas, is in danger of faltering, knocked of the top by the Mancs and knocked slightly off course in terms of momentum. Wigan have put together a decent run to get them to seventh in the table and the fright they gave us at Anfield earlier in the season should serve as a warning. However, the recent departures of Heskey and Palacios might see them out of sorts. Whatever the case with Chelsea waiting to play us this Sunday we need a confidence boosting win and I take us to achieve just that 2-0.

Enjoy the game and let’s hope we get back on track.

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