Tinsel and titles, Carragher, Kenny and Keane

Well who would have thought it? Four draws out of our last five games but, as you sit down tomorrow and open those socks, we are top of the tree. However, the question of whether we end up being fairies or bright, shining stars still remains!

Although it’s undoubtedly nice being top at Christmas, particularly compared to last season, is it simply symbolism at this stage, hell the season isn’t even half way over yet! Jamie Carragher in yesterday’s papers tried to inject a dose of much needed humbug as a contrast to any the top of the table festivities that might get ahead of themselves.

“People keep talking about us being at the top of the league but we are not a small club. We are Liverpool Football Club. We are where we should be so it’s no big deal. We have had a couple of chances; we were top at Christmas a couple of times when I first got in the team, but there’s still a long way to go.”

Well done Jamie and spoken like the miserable, feet on the ground, old git I am slowly becoming. However, if we get can through Christmas and still remain top then I believe it is a significant hurdle, the first of many, overcome.

Carragher also drew comparison to his circumstances now and when he was an Everton fan which was when we last won the league! That of course was in 1991 when Kenny Dalglish was manager and it was interesting to hear the great man talking on Radio Five Live about the Robbie Keane situation.

Robbie’s goal on Sunday didn’t dampen down the speculation about his future. If anything it seems to have intensified it. So it was nice to hear Dalglish inject some much needed common sense, and above all reality, into the debate. He mentioned Torres’ injuries and that when Rafa bought Keane he must have had a partnership with the Spaniard in mind. Sadly due to injuries this hasn’t had time to work or bed down and Keane has had to “make do” in positions he wouldn’t normally be used to. Above all he was very positive about Keane and was confident that he would come good.

I don’t know if Keane heard Dalglish’s words but if he did, he will hopefully draw comfort from them unlike those of others who seem intent on undermining him. Thankfully Keane seems professional enough about this.

“I am not frustrated at all I suppose the only thing that I sometimes get frustrated by is when people outside the football club are talking about things to do with me, because they are trying to create something that is not there.”

That said it is the season to be jolly we are where we want to be so let’s enjoy it and hope it can continue. It remains for me to wish you all the best for Christmas and I hope Santa delivers although personally I’d be more than happy to swap any presents given now for gifts of different kind in May!

Walk on.

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