AC Agger? No dice Owen, and Blackburn.

Apologies for the lack of activity. I blame the kids. Here we are this time of year and we’re breaking the bank to meet Christmas present demands, which seem to change with every TV advert or turn of an Argos catalogue page, and what do they do to repay you? Go to school pick up ‘flu and promptly transfer to you!

Anyway it’s been a busy few days. Agger to AC Milan? Michael Owen not coming to us. A minor brush with the FA and numerous machinations, from managers and players, on our current form which basically say the same thing. Things are gonna be alright.

If the news that Daniel Agger, in his new contract negotiations, is seeking a 100% pay rise is true, it isn’t likely to go down too well. The timing of Agger’s injury which kept him out for most of last season and the arrival, and assured form of, Martin Skrtel, doesn’t really do much to support Agger’s case for such a huge increase. However, rumours are that if we don’t play ball he’ll leave for AC Milan. I simply can’t believe Agger, or his agent, would daft enough to let such details spill out so I’ll be pitching the salt and just watching to see what, if anything, happens. Anyway Agger is far too young to playing for AC Milan he needs to be at least 36!

Rafa saw fit to comment on recent rumours concerning Michael Owen’s return to Anfield

“I can assure everyone that clearly we are not going for Michael Owen,”

So that’s it? You can’t get more direct than that. A nice juicy rumour nipped in the bud. Thanks Rafa you could have at least given us a few weeks to chew it over! The quickness of the denial is interesting. Does it suggest that Owen and Rafa departed on less than good terms or that simply he is not his type of player? I suspect we will never know until Rafa leaves Liverpool?

Monday’s pre match Michael Shield’s protest attracted the attention of the FA who asked the club to explain it. We did and they decided not to take the matter further. This is the way it should be. Rather place a blanket ban of such protests the FA should look at each case on its merits and that includes the depth of feeling behind the protest. It looks like they made right decision with this one but still opened themselves up to criticism by going public on the issue.

Monday brings us to our current form which has been done to death since then. Hopefully such debate and worry, justified or not, will become a thing of the past with a good result at Blackburn today. We visit Ewood Park with the home team in some turmoil. Fans called for Paul Ince’s head during the midweek Carling Cup game and results in the league have not seen a win since the beginning October, nine games in all. So that’s a home victory then!

Our last two games at Blackburn have been stinkers. Last season was a dreadful 0-0 draw and before that we were going through a phase a bit like the one we are in now where we creating chance after chance but could not score. We paid dearly for that losing 1-0! Hopefully we’ll avoid a repeat performance today. The important thing is to get a win. Not necessarily to keep us a top of the table, which it will, but to silence the worriers like me and inject confidence back into the squad?

Team wise we are hit with the news that Torres will be on the treatment table for longer than expected, until the New Year now. Although this is bad news I think it was inevitable that something like this would happen which is where the squad becomes important. This will not be lost on Robbie Keane upon whom the critics appear to focusing more and more. I still think he will come good and if his reaction to last Monday’s “hook” is anything to go by, would appreciate Rafa giving him a full 90 minutes to help sort himself out?

Prediction? I really can’t call this one. Hopefully we can bounce back with a decent performance but I’ve a feeling it will be and ugly, scrappy game. However, at the moment an ugly win will be just as welcome as any other. 1-0.

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