Top but what a downer!

Liverpool 0

West Ham 0

One just wonders what goes on inside the mind of a footballer, or any top level sportsman.

Sport at this level is ultra competitive and the pursuit and achievement of excellence is surely everyone’s goal? Chances are few and far between and need to be taken. Even though there is a long way to go, here we were with one of these chances, a golden one to make a significant move in that direction. A win and we are three points clear in the race for the Premiership. All we have to do is to beat a side that hasn’t won at Anfield for 45 years. The crowd is behind you, goodwill is tumbling down the terraces, you are better than the opposition, but you blow it AGAIN! Seize the moment? Nope, like our finishing it was missed! Do we actually want to win the league? What does go on in the minds of footballers – I’m baffled, I’m worried!

As expected Rafa moved Kuyt into the middle with Robbie Keane and bought in Benayoun. There was a minor surprise with Agger being replaced with Sami. However, the line up was strong so the fact that we managed to turn in yet and another listless performance, bereft of ideas and inspiration will give Rafa, despite his positive spin after the game, major cause for concern.

The first chance of note was an Albert Riera punt at goal after Green had committed himself however Collins was on hand to clear. Next Sami grazed the roof of the net from Gerarrd’s corner. Then Gerrard then had his free kick deflected away after Benayoun had been bought down by Mullins. We had another cleared off the line, this time by Carlton Cole, from Sami’s header. Gerrard then drove into the netting after Benayoun’s pass.

And on and on and on it goes….

Kuyt firing wide wastefully when he should have passed to Gerarrd. Keane blazing wide and then Green producing a superb tip over from Benayoun’s volley. Sami had another header which went dangerously across the face of goal. Kuyt’s desperate lunge failed to connect. Kuyt again going for accuracy by trying to slide it under Green when he might have been better off lamping it. Finally Babel hitting the West Ham stanchion after a mazy run. Gerarrd’s air shot and Robbie Keane visible frustration and desperate anguish at being substituted for the umpteenth time, summed up our evening.

That we were in control goes without saying but the paragraphs above tell a story. An old, old story that is, frustratingly, very very familiar. However, it could have been worse. The ever popular Bellamy, who hit a post, Carlton Cole and the hapless Boa Monte had chances to make us regret our misses.

As it we are top but, thanks to a poor evening, by one point instead of three. Nonetheless top is top but one can’t bring oneself to celebrate. It’s a pity. We should make the most of it while we can because if last night’s evidence is anything to go by, we won’t be there long?

Liverpool: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Hyypia, Dossena, Benayoun, Gerrard, Alonso, Riera (Babel 78), Kuyt, Keane (Ngog 66).
Subs Not Used: Cavalieri, Agger, Mascherano, Leiva Lucas, Insua.

West Ham: Green, Neill, Collins, Upson, Ilunga, Faubert (Boa Morte 86), Parker, Mullins, Behrami, Bellamy, Cole.
Subs Not Used: Noble, Lastuvka, Tristan, Davenport, Collison, Di Michele.

Att: 41,169

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4 Responses to Top but what a downer!

  1. John K says:

    And your point is what??? Do you think that they were trying to draw? Do you expect that the Hammers wanted us to win? Get over yourself and stop writing gibberrish. Would you have celebrated this position if offered it at the beginning of the season – 1 loss, top of the table, wins over Everton, Chelsea and Manure?

  2. chris says:

    can’t believe the boos

  3. Khalid Al-Khashab says:

    Thank you for your excellent writing, you expressed all my feelings and frustration, thank you and god bless you
    Unfortunatly this is NOT aperformance of a Legure Chamiopns, nor even contenderns, One point from available six, AT HOME.
    Obviously out manager is a defnce tactician, but an Ataack expert, look for Fergi and Wenger…

  4. redfloyd says:

    Dear John K

    And your point is? Did you watch the game or just look at the table after?

    “Do you think that they were trying to draw?”

    Yes of course! As we really like to make life difficult for ourselves! In fact I think we should try and lose every game so I can criticise the team even more, which of course I love doing as I’m actually a Mancs fan in disguise!

    “Do you expect that the Hammers wanted us to win?”

    Yes they should lay down like subservient fools, just like Stoke and Fulham should have done! How dare they have the temerity to visit Anfield and make a game of it and set us a test! Had they not been such naughty, naughty teams and let us win we would have had an extra six points!

    “Would you have celebrated this position if offered it at the beginning of the season”

    Top by one point having beaten the teams you mentioned but having dropped six home points against, with all due respect to them, Stoke, Fulham and now West Ham? No, I would have been pleased, p*ssed off, happy, exasperated, ecstatic, gloomy and above all worried which is what I am trying to convey. Thankfully the rest of the big four have been more careless.

    Given our position I may be ungrateful but if you think last night was OK and that I should blindly go into denial and say all is fine just because we are top then perhaps you should revisit your use of the word “gibberish” and apply it nearer to home?

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