Fulham thinking and “are you looking at my Liver Bird?”

Sometimes ideas come to light, that are so vacuous they just make you shake your head in wonder and disbelief.

It is not really a case of “what were they thinking” more like how was it allowed to get this far in the first place? Surely someone, somewhere along the line must have piped up and said “er stop it, this is silly” long before it was allowed to slip under the radar and be exposed to deserved public ridicule?

I guess in the overall scheme of things Liverpool Football Club’s attempt to trademark The Liver Bird, the symbol of the City of Liverpool, to stop counterfeit merchandising, ranks as small beer. However, it just the sort of unnecessary, arrogant, greedy, small minded and downright nasty stunt that does not help the image of club. Nor does it foster good relations at a time when they are badly needed.

The stupidity of the idea is seen in the understandable and predictable response of Liverpool Council which rightly claims the Liver Bird image belongs to the City and people of Liverpool. This is exemplified by the fact that it is used in a variety of guises by charities, sports clubs etc something that seems to be lost on the club as they greedily seek to maximise revenue. The club claims it is only trade marking their version of the Liver Bird but it has used many versions of the image, on its badge and other bits of merchandising, over the years so will trade marking one version really stop the counterfeiters?

I don’t know what part The Star Spangled Duo played in this latest shoddy stunt but if they were behind it, once again tactically they have again been exposed as frighteningly naive. They are already in the council’s bad books over delays in the building of the new stadium the development of which his linked to an important regeneration scheme. Ruffling feathers (no pun intended) over The Liver Bird is hardly going to rekindle relations?

Yesterday the club agreed to drop the trademark application. However, as is increasingly becoming the case these days the PR damage, because of sheer carelessness and a basic lack of understanding and thought over the potential consequences, has already been done.

To the pitch and it looks as if we have come through the international week with a clean bill of health regarding injuries. Keane and Gerrard already missed out but Torres, Alonso, Riera, Reina and Arbeloa all appeared for Spain in their 3-0 win over Chile without any problems. Mascherano didn’t seem to come to any harm playing for Argentina in Glasgow and will be thankful that he doesn’t have to make a long journey back to L4 this time.

Fulham await us today and apparently victory would give us our best ever start to a premiership season. On paper this should be a game that we should win. However, no one can be taken for granted these days. When Fulham visited Anfield last season they made it extremely difficult for us. Although we eventually won 2-0, we struggled until the very end of the game before Torres, on as substitute, broke the deadlock. We then sealed victory thanks to a rather dodgy penalty decision.

Fulham are a stronger side now than they were then as Arsenal found out when they lost to them at Craven Cottage earlier in the season. Rafa is mindful of this….

“We know that it can be more difficult after an international break, and Fulham have a lot of players with quality and energy, so it will be a difficult game for us. They have two strikers who are doing well, they have a lot of positive things going for them so that is why they are doing well. And Roy Hodgson is a good manager and he is doing well there. I could tell he is a clever manager from the first time I met him last season.”

Team wise Keane and Arbeloa are in after return from suspension and injury but Gerrard misses out. Rafa sought to play down all the midweek nonsense over his captain’s injury

“Gerrard is not fit – he cannot play tomorrow so that is the only thing that is important for me” said Benitez

I guess for Rafa another important thing is that he doesn’t have to worry about losing players to internationals until well into the new year. In that respect he can now expect everyone to concentrate on club matters.

Prediction? If we play with the authority we did at The Reebok last week then chances will come. Although we have had some difficultly in taking them of late I suspect we should still hit the target enough to pick up the points. 2-0.

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