Pompey review – time to consolidate

Sunday’s result inevitably sparked title talk. Some of it was more cautious than others. Alan Hansen who believes we have the best chance of wining the title since er… we last won it. Others such as the many who phone into the likes of Five Live’s “606” or Sky’s “You’re on Sky Sports” think it’s done and dusted that’s until we lose our first game of the season when the same people will on the blower and demanding Rafa be sacked!

From L4 the line is one of caution. Steve Gerrard said this

“It’s important not to get carried away. We’re still only in October.”

And Jamie Carragher

“We’re delighted with the win (at Chelsea) but we’re not getting carried away at being top of the league after nine games,”

And Xabi Alonso

“keep calm”

So, you get the picture! Wise words and probably an opinion that most share. However, the media will like to talk our prospects up to make things more interesting? Football is littered with false dawns and instances of teams being bought back down to earth. As we go into tonight’s match against Portsmouth surely the players will remember how we beat The Mancs then the following Saturday drew against Stoke? No doubt everyone will be determined to avoid a repeat?

Quiet what version of Portsmouth will turn up tonight is difficult to assess. Harry Redknapp has done a flit to our next Premiership opponents and now Tony Adams takes over. No doubt the players will be keen to prove themselves to their new boss but whatever their mind set, we need to go out and build on Sunday. As Garrard added yesterday.

“Nothing is won yet. It’s a big, massive win (Chelsea). It’s a nice three points but, if we slip up against Portsmouth, these three points are irrelevant.”

Team wise it looks like we could be without Robbie Keane who was subbed on Sunday so Ryan Babel to start? Torres is likely to be out for a bit longer it seems – two or three more games? Tonight will also be the first time Peter Crouch returns to Anfield after his summer transfer. Said Rafa…

“When I first came up against him as a manager he was a player with Southampton and I was thinking about how to stop him. Now we have some ideas but I will not say before the game. It was a pity to lose him. We offered him a new contract, but at the end of the day he decided to go to another club where he can play every week.”

Prediction? I’m probably more nervous about this game than Sundays. Slip up and the frustration, after doing so well at Chelsea, will be… well it’ll be a right pi**er! It’s something I don’t want to contemplate so I’ll go for and fraught night that eventually turns out OK. 2-0 to us.

Enjoy the game.

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