“Excuse me while I touch the sky” Fernando’s wish, takeover tittle tattle and “Ingerland”

So far so good with the internationals ie. no reports of injuries to Liverpool players. As for England although they won 5-1 one can’t help but feel slightly depressed by the whole experience.

The booing of Ashley Cole was symptomatic of a lack of patience amongst some England fans. Cole isn’t exactly my favourite, as player or a person, but even if criticism is appropriate, it should not manifest itself in this way. It seems that some England fans have a zero tolerance to failure, a figure that seemingly matches their footballing IQ? Insisting on such outrageously, unrealistic high standards from the team surely means that expectations will be permanently unrealised?

ITV’s return to international coverage also induced shakes of the head. Firstly we had a ludicrous attempt, via the usual muddle of video montages, to link Saturday’s game to 1966, Bobby Moore and all that. How tenuous! How predictable! How patronising, did they really expect viewers to see the game in this way? There was also the cheap, uninventive, fall back of raising a legacy (or is it a millstone now) that, after forty two years no one, be it the manager or the players, should be required to live up to?

Then there is Andy Townsend. What’s the deal with the silly black flat screen touch sensitive TV HD gizmo which he uses to demonstrate why England hadn’t scored? Product placement? Why is it that ITV seem intent on shackling Townsend with unnecessary gimmicks, years ago we had the ridiculous “tactics truck” now this? Finally, welcome back Graeme Le Saux although I hardly noticed he was there until he used the phrase “a level playground”!

Satanta’s snaffling of the England away games attracted a lot of criticism.However, on this evidence, tomorrow’s game could be a blessing in disguise as most the pre match banter should be lost amidst a the clink of beer glasses, fruit machines and general pub conversation!

Back to L4 and it seems that Dubai’s proposed take over of Charlton could be the death nail for any involvement in Liverpool? This is an interesting development as cries to remove footballs poorest billionaires increase in the light of, since denied, stories about the stadium. These go along the lines of “we’re not moving now, just thinking about building a big extension on the back of our present home”. Reported The Guardian

“Any notion that Liverpool might still fall into Dubai’s hands appears misguided since there would also be the further complication of Premier League and Football Association ownership rules. A single owner may not purchase two clubs in the same competition and the prospect of promotion as well as the chance of them being drawn against each other in a cup competition has complicated the issue. “Everything in Dubai goes back to the royal family,”

Interesting stuff although at the moment, it is simply speculative. However even if the Charlton deal goes through, I would not bet against Dubai finding a way to get involved if Liverpool became available at a later date, regardless of the situation!

Finally congratulations to Fernando Torres who has deservedly been short listed for the European Footballer of the Year award. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo he said…

“When I have watched the Ballon d’Or presentation on television I saw the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Kaka. I told myself that trophy was for players from another galaxy – now I am among the candidates, and I cannot believe it. Winning the award would be like climbing to the top of Everest and touching the sky.”

Despite this Rafa isn’t allowing Torres to get complacent.

“Rafa keeps reminding me I still have a long way to go. I’ll score a goal, but he won’t tell me he is happy afterwards – I have him on my back for six hours every day.”

Presumably that would be a problem if you wanted to climb Everest and touch the sky?

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