Riise and Carra speak and City cash means it’s all over?

Forgive the lack of activity but a combination of work and simple lack of anything major to say in this international week has cooled the bloging ardour!

The last couple of days seem to have been a time for platitudes from Liverpool players past and present.

John Arne Riise has said thanks for the memories and the support via an open letter to Liverpool fans.

There’s little more to be said other than that Riise, should he ever return to Anfield, will get a heartfelt welcome. All too often players are singled out as selfish, money grabbing egoists so it is refreshing that Riise, as he moves on and thinks about this future, is considerate enough to look back at his past to write in this way. Top man.

Meanwhile Jamie Carragher, as a prelude to the release of his autobiography, has been waxing lyrical about his life in football to the Daily Mirror

The key talking point is Carragher’s assertion that he will always put Liverpool before England. I’ve already given my views on this in a previous blog and they haven’t changed. Hats off to Carragher for having the bottle to say this although given the current state of the English team he is likely to gain more support that he would if they’d been flying high?

Albert Riera has spoken about how chuffed he is to be joining us and in doing so has revealed a latent architectural interest.

“When Espanyol said I had some offers I said ‘only listen to the offer from Liverpool Why? Because it is a very big team and I like the supporters and stadium.”

If things continue the way they are with our duo of poor billionaires, Riera could be liking our current stadium for the foreseeable future!

Finally much has been written about how the recent take over at Manchester City will affect other clubs, including us. The quickly reached conclusion seems to be that with City’s increased spending power (I’ll have a Torres and a Cesc and a Ronaldo and a Kaka oh, and can you through a Rooney in there aswell?) opportunities for other clubs to win silverware or qualify for the lucrative Champions League will be reduced. Really? Although cash does help I seem to remember a time when success was achieved by this strange method that didn’t necessarily involve out bidding or out buying your rivals. The method I’m thinking about is called “playing football”.

Anyone remember that?

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